Layla Flaherty & Her Yorkshire Terrier Put a New Type of Dog Bowl to the Test

Dog bowls. We all need them, we all use them - but how much thought do we put into them before we absolutely have to?

Recently we were given the opportunity to review a new type of dog bowl which can be ideal for dogs who may be suffering from health problems such as arthritis as a result of stooping.

But they can be good for dogs of all shapes and sizes - especially messy eaters - so we asked Layla Flaherty, owner of the Urban Paws pet agency and her Yorkshire Terrier, Buttons - or Mr B to friends - to put one to the test for us.

Here's Layla.

As a pet owner, we all constantly encounter our pets spilling their water and feeding dishes. That was until I discovered the BIGPAWS wall mounted dog bowl (priced from £20.00). This fantastic product is a raised dog dish that is fixed to the wall at a suitable height for your pets needs.

If, like me, you have a smaller dog with the regular scenario of the bowl being pushed around the floor at teatime, with spills and mess a permanent sight, then fixing it to the wall would stop this and keep everything in one place with zero mess!

Layla Flaherty & Her Yorkshire Terrier Put a New Type of Dog Bowl to the Test

It was easy to set up and I have loved using the stainless steel wall mounted dog bowl. It has been a simple yet effective product - the most highly rated product I have come across for a while now - and it comes with a lifetime warranty on the holder and bracket which keep it in place.

The concept means no bending or strain for myself because it's easy to lift out to clean, and there's no strain on Buttons because it's adjusted to the right height, and they look great too.

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Have you heard about...?

Layla Flaherty & Her Yorkshire Terrier Put a New Type of Dog Bowl to the Test

Buttons has also taken to this like a duck to water and regularly enjoys this fuss-free feeding experience.

This simple product ticks all the boxes and will is a stylish feature here in Urban Paws office for all our furry visitors, like Madge (below).

The product is an excellent idea, very easy to install much better than having bowls on a stand. The bowl we received was priced around £20, so it seems great value for money. I would highly recommend to any pet owner.

Thanks to BIGPAWS for sending K9 Magazine their white wall mounted dog bowl for review.

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