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Welcome to the September edition of your very own K9 Insider eNewsletter, brought to you by the K9Magazine.com team.

The weather may be more sunny than usual, but Autumn and it's darker mornings and nights are well and truly here. As dog owners we aren't able to avoid them and so this issue is a dog safety issue, sponsored by The Company of Animals. We'll be bringing you expert advice on keeping safe, a video from the one and only Dr. Roger Mugford and recommending some fantastic products we think are essentials for the dark mornings and darker evenings.

Star of BBC’s Dog Borstal Mic Martin has complied a number of top tips for safe and enjoyable walks with your dog. Walking your dog at night time can be a particularly hazardous event but if you follow the right safety protocol, those evening walks can be just as enjoyable for you and your dog as the sunny days of Summer.

Here's Mic's general safety tips:

* Be safe – plan ahead and follow signs
* Leave gates and property as your find them
* Protect plants and animals, and take your litter home
* Keep your dog under close control
* Take care when crossing roads or railway lines
* Wherever you are walking, always pick up mess after your dog and dispose of it responsibly

Before you go

* Prepare for your walk before you set off
* Plan your route
* Take into account the age of the dog and the standard of the walk for all members of the group, particularly if there are young children
* Check the weather forecast
* If possible, tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back
* Always check for public right of way on any farmland or footpath

During your walk

* Try not to let the dog graze as there are a number of hazards including pesticides and disease
* Be aware that there are several plants which are highly poisonous to dogs
* Make sure you always clean up after your dog
* Use a training lead if you have one as they tend to be safer than extendable leads
* Consider a muzzle If the dog is unpredictable or hard to control
* Make sure you are able to keep your dog under control when in a public place
* Ensure you can recall your dog quickly before you consider letting it off the lead

And that's not all, listen to Dr. Roger Mugford give his top tips here!


We hope our experts featured here this month have helped you prepare for the Autumn/Winter months - but most of all we hope you have fun with your dog on your walks!

Before we sign off, please take a look at our carefully selected and recommended products below - we hope you enjoy and we'll see you again next month!

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K9 Insider September 2011

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K9 Insider September 2011

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K9 Insider September 2011

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