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Subscription Plans
» 100% refund guarantee (cancel when you like on YOUR terms)
» Complete archive access to ALL K9 Magazine articles and premium content
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» Learning programs: access to expert lead tutorials and learning materials
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» Members only dog eBooks PLUS BIG SAVINGS on physical books
» FREE membership to & (worth £24.99)
» EXCLUSIVE members only deals, discounts and competitions
» PLUS lots, lots more!

“Think about this….the average cost of a can of dog food is 89p. For just 48p per WEEK you can enjoy a lifetime membership to the K9 Magazine Premier Club, granting you access to a monthly magazine, expert advice, videos, eBooks, product discounts, special health reports and premium content that can give you an immense library of dog ownership information at your fingertips. Really, what’s there to think about?

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Just £25.00 per year (price frozen for the entire life of your membership)

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£2.50 per month (introductory price, frozen for the entire life of your membership)