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K9 Magazine Issue 125

In This Issue... Talking Point: Do Dogs Personalities Change? Behaviour: Could Sleepovers Be the Answer to a Dog’s Anxiety? Lifestyle: Actress Courtney Hope Introduces Her Dogs Talking Point: How to Get Rid of Dog Smells in the House Best Dog…
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K9 Magazine Issue 124

In This Issue... Talking Point: How Smart Is My Dog? Real Life: 'Animals Communicate With Their Owners Through Me' Lifestyle: TV Personality Chloe Goodman on Her Life With Dogs Real Life: She Spent Years In Rescue, Now Millie’s Bringing Joy…
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K9 Magazine Issue 121

In This Issue... Health: 3 New Year Resolutions That Will Make Your Dog Happier & Healthier Talking Point: Ricky Gervais on Why Animal Testing Is Failing Real Life: Meet the Street Vets Helping Homeless Dogs for Free Lifestyle: ‘Days of…
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K9 Magazine Issue 120

In This Issue... Science: The Myths About Dogs & Asthma Real Life: This Rescue Dog Helped a Family to Heal, Here’s Her Story Lifestyle: Real Housewife Perla Navia Introduces Us to Her Dog Best Dog Products: Countdown to Christmas: Gift…
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K9 Magazine Issue 119

In This Issue... Talking Point: Do Dogs Understand Time? Apparently So Talking Point: This Model Wants to Change Opinions About Dogs ‘Too Ugly to Love’ Lifestyle: Marnie Simpson: ‘I’m Not Really a Party Girl, I Just Want to Be at Home…
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K9 Magazine Issue 117

In This Issue... Talking Point: 9 Truly Astonishing Things Dogs Have Eaten Talking Point: Dog Laws - What Legal Rights Do You Have as a Dog Owner? Lifestyle: Real Housewives of Dallas’ LeeAnne Locken: 'Dogs Teach Us to Forgive' Real Life:…
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