Is This The Best Winter Jacket for Dog Owners?

As dog owners, when we take our dogs for walks we have certain things we have to bear in mind, namely, do we have enough pockets for the essentials - for our dogs, treats and bags, and for us, keys, phone and wallet.

But how much time do you dedicate to choosing the right jacket for your dog walk? Do you have an all year jacket or do you change with the seasons?

This month we were given the chance to review a padded jacket, ideal for the winter months, with a twist - it's incredibly fashionable. We loved the look but wondered how practical would it be for a dog walk.

We asked British Paralympian, Harriet Lee Pirie, to put it to the test for us.

Here's how she got on.

Day in day out I spend a lot of time in warm stuffy environments, being around swimming pools most of my life means I get to wear flip-flops and shorts all year round and my wardrobe really shows that. When the winter months come, I still love using my downtime to get the boys (Bow and Baya) out the house for long walks but often end up wearing multiple layers of sports gear just to keep warm.

Is This The Best Winter Jacket for Dog Owners?

I was hoping when I got sent the Baleno Paris padded jacket from K9 Magazine that it meant I could start to look a little less casual on our walks and feel more comfortable if we stopped in any pubs of cafes for a mid-walk pick me up (who doesn't love a warm hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows!).

The Paris jacket is a great fit, even with my newly acquired baby bump and keeps both me and the growing boy warm. With the faux fur trim around the neck making sure no chills get in, I've started to wear just t-shirts or thin jumpers under the coat to make sure I don't overheat.

Is This The Best Winter Jacket for Dog Owners?

This has been a great addition to the winter wardrobe and has seen me through rain and snow, it manages to still look stylish whilst being functional with two large pockets at the front for dog treats and essentials.

As an extra, muddy walks are what the boys really love and muddy paws mean muddy clothes for me. The faux fur comes off really easily before throwing the coat in the washing machine to wash at 30 degrees. You can also visit, if you want to see more winter jackets.

Is This The Best Winter Jacket for Dog Owners?

The Baleno Paris jacket looks good, keeps me warm and cleans up well…if only it made hot chocolates it would tick all the boxes.

Thanks to Baleno for sharing the Paris padded jacket with us this month. 

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