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Ryan O'Meara is the publisher of K9 Magazine and former professional dog trainer.

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Short Bio: Ryan O'Meara

Ryan O'Meara is a former professional dog trainer who has dedicated his life to learning about, writing about, and working with his one true passion: dogs. Upon leaving school at the age of 16, Ryan embarked on his professional dog training career, indulging his love of all things canine. Having achieved success as a trainer, working with more than 2000 dogs, Ryan set up his own business, K9 Media Ltd, a specialist pet publishing company responsible for more than 300 pet related websites, as well as the world-renowned K9 Magazine. Ryan is a World Animal Day ambassador, and he appears frequently in the media discussing all things dog.

Books by Ryan O'Meara

NEWS HOUNDS, by Ryan O'Meara.

A quirky, humorous collection of nearly two hundred canine stories that captured headlines around the world.

Bizarre dog behaviour—old news?
Think again!

Ryan O’Meara brings together the craziest headline-making news stories from around the world and puts them into one hilarious compendium that will blow the usual anecdotes right out of the dog park! With clever titles like “Canine Calamities,” “Why People Need Pet Insurance,” and “Dogs that Found Fame,” each chapter is custom-made for readers of any age who simply love dogs for the quirky animals that they are.

Featured among its nearly two hundred neither long nor tall tales are:

A pit bull who takes a stroll in the woods near home and returns with a human hand
A basset hound who has a bellyful of problems owing to a pair of women’s tights
An Australian cattle dog who saves an elderly woman from an alligator
A yellow Labrador who claims the cleanest mouth after eating ten bars of soap
A mixed-breed dog who nurses three tiger cubs at a Chinese zoo
A golden retriever who saves his owner with a modified Heimlich maneuver

Family dog finds unique treasure in garden

There was a flurry of activity in Derby, UK, when a family dog walked into its owners’ house—carrying a human hand. The hand was unearthed from the back garden in Worcester Crescent in Chaddesden and was estimated to have been there for several months. Police found the rest of the presumed male body in the garden and were treating the find as suspicious, but did not suspect murder because there was no sign of trauma.

The man was thought to have had no fixed address, and would spend his time alternating between friends’ houses. That was thought to be the reason why nobody had reported him missing. It may not be a happy ending, but without an inquisitive dog who knows how long the body would have been there, waiting to be found?

Dog comes back from the dead!

Cats are renowned for having nine lives. However, a stray female dog named Dosha appears to be blessed with the same attribute!

A car had accidentally hit Dosha and in order to save the poor animal from the pain of her extensive injuries, the attending Clearlake, CA, police officer decided it would be best to put her out of her misery. The officer shot Dosha in the head and then took her to a local animal control center that promptly placed the dog in a freezer to await disposal.

Several hours later, animal control interim director Denise Johnson was informed of the incident. But when she went to the freezer she couldn’t believe her eyes. “I went to the freezer and found that she was alive and cold,” said Johnson. “She had hypothermia and a gunshot wound, but no broken bones from the car accident.”

Fundraising has begun by several animal humane groups to pay for her care.


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