Canine Psychologist Natalka Jacyszyn

Hi my name is Natalka Jacyszyn and I am a qualified canine psychologist.

I have owned dogs for many years, ranging from Yorkshire Terriers to German Shepherds, most of which were rescue dogs, and I always wondered what made them tick.

Then a few years ago I got a puppy German Shepherd, I have had two Shepherds before, both of which were rescues and were middle aged when I got them, but this one was different, she was nervous of everything and anyone. I went through her pedigree and found out that she was bred from nervous stock.

This is why I decided to study canine psychology, so I could try to understand why she behaved the way she did, and if there was anything I could do to help her. I have trained my own dogs and friends, family and neighbours dogs, amongst others.

Dogs are dogs and as much as we like to think that they are like us, they are not! In order to communicate adequately with our dogs we need to learn their language as they cannot learn ours.

My Dog Training Philosophy

I only use positive reinforcement methods of dog training, as I believe that this is the most effective way of teaching your dog commands without punishment and it does so much more than teaching sit and lay down, it helps to build a strong relationship between you and your dog.

This positive method of dog training has proven to be more successful than harsh training.

If you reinforce good behaviour by giving a food treat or playing a game etc, you will get better results far more quickly, as when you reward the dog for something good, he will be far more likely to repeat the behaviour.

If the dog performs a behaviour that you don't want you can use a 'time out' or you could just try ignoring your dog, this way he will learn that his behaviour is linked to something negative and so therefore he will be far less likely to repeat the behaviour.

Above all we all love our pet dogs and want to do the best for them.

Contact Natalka Jacyszyn: natalka9 at gmail  dot com.

Natalka Jacyszyn

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