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How to Stop Your Dog From Shedding

Dog shedding, it's the bane of many a dog owner's life. Whether it's dogs' throwing their fur off for summer or liberally distributing the contents of their coats as the temperature changes in the colder months, having a home full of dog hair is no fun.

In this special report, we take a look at how to control the output of your dog's fur and minimise your stress around shedding season so that you aren't tempted to take the vacuum to them!

Constantly cleaning up dog hairs is not a particularly fondly observed dog ownership treat. However, for many of us, it comes with the territory. But what if there were ways and means to dramatically reduce and control your dog's shedding? K9 Magazine might just have the answer!

This simple but effective report is FREE to K9 Magazine Premier members to download instantly.

If you would like to purchase the report on its own and have it delivered by email - CLICK HERE - (£4.99)



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