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How To Stop My Dog Jumping Up?

prevent dog from jumping up

It's a problem that many a dog owner has endured. The dog who just loves to jump up people. They jump up visitors, children, neigbours and pretty much anyone who'll set foot in their immediate vicinity. So, how do you stop a dog from jumping up? Laura Harbidge would certainly like to know!

Question: I have got a 1 year old Staffordshire bull terrier bitch, who is very hyperactive, she always wants to play fight, and I cant sit down with her for a quiet 5 minutes without her jumping all over the furniture and chewing
shoe laces, arms and ankles!

prevent dog from jumping up

She also likes to jump up, pull on the lead and chew everything.

This is quite embarrassing, but she still (not all the time, mostly if it’s cold, dark, or raining) goes to the toilet inside. She has a dog flap which she knows how to use, but for some reason at night she won’t use it, we even leave a light on outside, because we thought she might be scared of the dark!

I also have a problem if i take her for a walk on the chase, and she sees people, she will run up to them and jump up, and it doesn’t matter how loud you call her she will chase them until she catches them.

I think the only place where i can 100% say that she is well behaved is in the car.

Do you think you could help me with my naughty, cheeky little dog?

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Kind regards

Laura Harbidge

Christine Emerson is a UK Dog Behaviourist and member of the K9 Magazine Advisory Panel. Here is her advice on how to stop a dog  jumping up...

Wow! She sounds like a real live wire.

If you want a calm dog the first thing to look at is what you are feeding her, not just her meal but treats as well. There is a lot of well marketed dog food that has awful ingredients like sugar and colourings and these toxins may be making her mind whiz!

If you want a dry/complete diet choose one containing a named meat and cereal such as lamb or chicken and rice (under ingredients not on the front). Ask your pet shop for hypoallergenic treats.

On a cold, rainy night wait with her while she goes to the toilet. Leave a jar of treats in the garden (a jar stops the treats getting wet) and only on cold, dark or rainy nights give her a reward for going to the toilet outside.

She may then associate the dark, rain and cold with good things.

A member of the APDT should help you gain more control of her out on walks - you simply need to make yourself more exciting than whatever is distracting her - it really is easier than it sounds.

I expect her diet is the cause of most of your problems - most people understand what some children are like on poor quality food, sugary coloured drinks and chocolate, but don't stop to think that the same applies to dogs.

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