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Help! My Dog Won’t Eat

Help! My Dog Won't Eat

Nature programmed dogs to eat whenever they could. In the wild, a dog that refuses food is a very rare beast. In the wild, dogs don't know where their next meal is coming from so they take every opportunity to eat.  But domestication has created a few blips in the dog's feeding mentality.

If you're dog is a fussy eater, something has gone wrong. Your dog is actually fighting against thousands of years of survival instinct by picking at his food. You need to find out why.

In this special report:

We discover just how easy it is for owners to unwittingly put their dogs off food.
We reveal how your dog's strange eating habits conceal are more serious problem.
We explain just how unnatural is for a dog to be fussy.
We find out three simple ways of getting your dog back on his food.

Help! My Dog Won't EatWhen a pet dog refuses to eat, the problem is either physical or psychological. When a pet dog refuses to eat, his owner pleads with him and tries to tempt him with food fed by hand. If the dog is sufficiently neglected and bored he may try this to get attention. An intelligent owner will counter this common canine play by giving his dog companionship, exercise and stimulation.

This simple but effective report is FREE to K9 Magazine Premier members to download instantly.

If you would like to purchase the report on its own and have it delivered by email - CLICK HERE - (£4.99)



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