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Have You Tried This Twist’n’Treat Dog Treat Dispenser?

Have You Tried This Twist'n'Treat Dog Treat Dispenser?

We love discovering something new and innovative in the pet world because, let's face it, there are lots of products for pets so when we see one that stands out from the crowd, it's exciting to find out more and learn how it came to be.

K9 Magazine's oldest office dog, Mia is food-obsessed so anything treat related catches our attention at the best of times and that's why the Twist ‘N’ Treat dog treat dispenser from Tatty Head grabbed our interest.

Have You Tried This Twist'n'Treat Dog Treat Dispenser?

Who is Tatty Head?

"Tatty Head is a new UK Pet Brand built on innovation, created by a vision to bring a unique dog training aid to the market", explains Felicity Cooper, Director and Founder Tatty Head Ltd.

The brand's logo and company name are inspired by Felicity's family's dog, Hugo who was nicknamed ‘Tatty Head’ by her Grandfather because of his messy hair.

Have You Tried This Twist'n'Treat Dog Treat Dispenser?

She tells us Hugo was the inspiration behind the Twist ‘N’ Treat dog treat dispenser, Tatty Head’s own product, because Hugo responds well to treats being rattled and the family were looking for something to shake and get his attention to assist with his recall in the park, with the added bonus of being able to give him a tasty treat as a reward.

Spotting a gap in the market for a practical yet fun dog treat container that could be filled with treats and rattle when shaken, dispensing the treats easily to reward dogs, Tatty Head's very own dog treat dispenser was born.

Have You Tried This Twist'n'Treat Dog Treat Dispenser?

The Twist ‘N’ Treat dog treat dispenser attaches to your belt, dog lead or bag making it easy to take on dog walks or training sessions. Simply shake to attract your dog's attention to recall them, then twist to release a tasty small treat!

The all-important question – how much does it cost?

The Twist'n'Treat dog treat dispenser is available in light blue or bright pink and costs £9.99 (including postage).

K9 Magazine's readers can get an extra 10% off using discount code: K910 on

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