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Grain Free Dog Treats: Here Are 8 of Our Favourites for Your Dog to Try

What our dogs eat matters to us, and in some cases, we put more time and effort into planning their meals than our own to make sure they’re getting all they need.

In recent years, searches for grain free dog treats have grown and continue to rise.

What are grain free dog treats?

Essentially, grain free dog treats include no carb-loaded fillers, such as corn, and often will also be gluten free.

This doesn’t always mean grain free dog treats are low in fat, but they’re generally considered to be healthier because they’re made up of better quality ingredients.

Whether your dog likes something crispy and crunchy, soft or chewy or something that will take them a while to finish, we’ve got it covered.

Here are eight of the best grain free dog treats that we know are 100% natural and our own dogs love.

Our Favourite Grain Free Chewy Dog Treats

Chicken, Duck & Wild Salmon all made with Super Healthy Sweet Potato

These superior premium healthy gourmet sticks are made with 100% natural quality human grade chicken and sweet potato, and are also available in duck or wild salmon, both again with sweet potato.

Grain and gluten free, they are a great source of dietary fibre.

Rich in anti-oxidants minerals and vitamins helps promotes healthy skin and coat. They are full of natural goodness that is essential for optimal health.

‘Ex On The Beach’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star Jess Impiazzi and her dogs with the Duck variety during her shoot

Former ‘Geordie Shore’ star Marnie Simpson and her dogs enjoying the Wild Salmon variety during her shoot

Why we love: Every dog we’ve shared these treats with can’t get enough. They don’t last long (sub 5 minutes) but they really are a crowd-pleaser – they always get our 13-year-old Rottweiler Mia, pictured above, bouncing up, giving her legs a little workout.

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Duck Strips

These quality gourmet treats are made with 100% natural premium, human grade, duck breast meat.

These tender strips can be given as a chew and are easy to break up for training and rewards.

High in protein and low in fat and salt. They are also available in chicken.

Why we love: Nothing gets our oldest dog, Mia out of her bed or out from under a desk quite like these treats, so maybe there’s something in the smell when the pack opens?

They are nice and chewy and easy on the teeth and gums. Again they don’t last long (around 5 minutes) which probably speaks volumes.

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Our Favourite Grain Free Crunchy Dog Treats

Beef Liver Crunch

This premium gourmet crunchy treat is made with 100% natural human grade beef liver.

Liver is a great source of protein, vitamins, good fatty acids and many other minerals and nutrients which helps towards maintaining good health.

Single source protein, grain and gluten free, they have no artificial colours or flavours.

Why we love: These treats really go down very well at K9 Magazine’s celebrity shoots, like at Bryan the Miniature Dachshund’s shoot pictured above. Nice and crunchy, they’re perfectly sized for dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes.

Our dogs love them and they take only a few moments to consume so we need to watch out for the infamous ‘treat loop’ that most multi-dog owners will be familiar with (when one dog finishes and the other is still chewing, so the one who finished first wants another).

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Our Favourite Grain Free Dog Dental Treats

Buffalo Dental Chews

Premium dental chews made with 100% natural human-grade grass-fed Buffalo.

This healthy chew is infused with salmon oil which is good for a dog’s skin, coat and mobility.

Long-lasting and designed to help reduce tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums. They are low in fat and high in protein.

Why we love: Completely in a field of their own, these braided dental chews stand out and that’s why they won our ‘Best Dog Treats’ of the year award last year.

They give around 40 minutes of chewing time and in their various sizes, dogs of all shapes and sizes can enjoy.

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Wild Salmon Skin Chews

Made from 100% Natural Quality Wild Salmon skins, this is a super healthy chew for dogs.

The durable texture is designed to encourage chewing to help remove plaque.

Salmon is a rich source of vitamins and minerals which can help promote joint mobility and good skin and coat. They are also easily digestible.

Why we love: For dogs who like a crunchy treat that works the teeth and gums, in a good way, these wild salmon skins make the ideal treat.

Packed full of natural goodness, our youngest dog Chris, pictured above, loves them, and his sensitive stomach doesn’t always handle oily foods well, and when our middle dog Danny has them regularly, his dry skin always improves.

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Our Favourite Grain Free Dog Training Treats

Venison Training Treats

Made with 100% natural quality human grade Venison fused with Beef Liver. These premium, gourmet tasty bites make the perfect training aid.

Delicately baked to perfection in their own natural juices.

Give as a reward or simply for pleasure. Great for pups and dogs of all sizes. Naturally low in fat and available in other flavours, including Chicken & Liver.

Why we love: These training treats are the perfect size for pockets and on the go rewards when out and about.

We use them regularly for trips to the park and vet as a tasty, low calorie reward that won’t take up too much pocket space.

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If you've tried any of the treats we've shared, please let us know what your dog thought by commenting below.

You can also enter our competition to win a bundle of Pet Munchies grain free salmon dog treats here (open until the end of August 2019).

Good luck!

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