Furbo Dog Camera Review: A Good Way to Keep an Eye on Your Pets?

We love pet tech. When given a chance to do a Furbo dog camera review we couldn't wait to see what it could do. This is the best, most honest review of the Furbo dog camera you'll read online.

Our Furbo dog camera review is being handled by Ali Drew, a model and former reality TV star who started a business to spend more time with her dog, Bryan the Miniature Dachshund, who has become a social media star in his own right.

Bryan and Ali joined our review team earlier this year and when we were given the chance to review the Furbo Dog Camera we asked the duo to give us their thoughts on the dog treat camera.

Here's how they got on.

Furbo Dog Camera Review: A Good Way to Keep an Eye on Your Pets?Photo Credit: Vivienne Edge Photography for K9 Magazine

Furbo Dog Camera UK Review

I couldn’t wait to try out the Furbo Dog Camera  when K9 Magazine contacted me and asked us to review it for them.

2020 Update on our Furbo dog camera review: Our dogs are still loving their Furbo cam. Our home is full of pet technology & each dog has their particular favourite teat dispensing camera (how spoiled are they!). The Furbo dog camera has been reliable and stands the test of time (in this case, that’s two years of solid use).

I am a big fan of keeping an eye on Bryan’s antics when I’m out, I've always been curious about what he actually gets up to when he’s unattended and it's good just to have the reassurance that everything is okay at home.

Furbo Dog Camera Review: A Good Way to Keep an Eye on Your Pets?

Furbo Dog Camera Compared

I previously bought a very basic dog camera when Bryan was a puppy, but I had stopped using it due to it not being easy to use and not working very well, with a very unclear picture too, so I was keen to see how the Furbo compared, having heard lots of good things. As well as the actual camera, I also couldn’t wait to try the treat dispenser.

Unboxing the Furbo Dog Camera

When the Furbo Dog Camera arrived, the packaging was very eye-catching. Lots of different pictures of dogs using the camera was already getting me excited to get it on and try it out!

Opening the box, I could see the camera and accessories, which looked great - including a UK and European plug socket, as well as a dog treats bag for us to be able to put the Furbo to the test using the right kind of treats. They also had the name 'Bryan' written on them, which was a lovely touch by Furbo for us.

The Furbo Dog Camera App

I downloaded the app, set the camera up and put it on the side in my living room. The app even allows you to set up a profile of your dog and add a little profile picture of them.

Bryan was very interested in the camera at first, especially as he saw me pour some treats into the top of it, but soon forgot it was there and got on with his own thing. Then, it was time to leave for work and leave Bryan to his own devices with the Furbo Dog Camera watching.

Furbo Dog Camera Review: A Good Way to Keep an Eye on Your Pets?

The first thing I noticed was how good the camera quality was when I checked in on Bryan with the app.

I could see my living room very clearly and could see everything Bryan was doing with the live video, in very clear colour. The app also allows me to zoom in for a closer look at whatever part of the room I choose to.

The app allows you to take pictures from the live video, record the live video and also turn on the option of the bark sensor.

Furbo Dog Camera Review: A Good Way to Keep an Eye on Your Pets?

Furbo Dog Camera for Separation Anxiety

The extra feature of the barking alerts means I can check straight away if anything is wrong at home and if it is something like the postman that has caused the barking (which it normally is), I can distract Bryan from the barking by talking to him through the app.

Using the treat tosser feature is so much fun and is really easy to use. You just swipe the yellow cookie in the centre of the app up, and out they come.

The treats really fly out of the dispenser and Bryan is always very happy to find the treats across the living room floor throughout the day. It’s so nice to watch him run over to the treats and know he is loving the unexpected surprise.

Furbo dog camera review
Furbo dog camera review by a very curious tester

The app also has a handy little tool which reminds you how many times you’ve tossed the treats for your dog that day. This is very handy for us because Bryan is a Miniature Dachshund so he can put on weight very easily, and he would just keep eating and eating, so I like to monitor what he eats and not let him have too many treats.

I could waste hours just watching Bryan on the Furbo Camera, he’s so funny when he’s entertaining himself. It’s also great to interact with him and I love seeing him enjoying the treats that have been tossed. He never seems to get tired of getting the treats either!

Furbo Dog Camera Review: A Good Way to Keep an Eye on Your Pets?

Furbo Dog Camera Review: A Good Way to Keep an Eye on Your Pets?

Conclusion: The Furbo Dog Camera Review

Since having the Furbo camera, I also feel a lot more relaxed when I leave Bryan alone in the house because any time I start to worry about it, I can just open up the app on my phone and see where he is and that he's okay (he's normally sleeping in his bed).

Overall, it’s safe to say Bryan and I are VERY impressed with the Furbo Dog Camera!

I love the camera's quality, having the option of talking to and hearing Bryan and most of all, we both really love the tossing of the treats function. The camera and app were so quick and easy to set up, even for me, who isn’t great with technology. It only took a few minutes and it was ready to go!

furbo dog camera review

The Furbo Dog Camera is highly recommended for any dog owners out there who have to leave their dogs at home alone. You can give yourself the peace of mind that your dog is happy, behaving and as an added bonus, also make sure your home is safe too! Great quality product with loads of great features.

Furbo Dog Camera Price & Where to Buy

If our Furbo dog camera review has got your tail wagging, you can purchase the Furbo online & keep your eye out for special offers, Black Friday deals etc. It's good value at £189 (April 2020 price).

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Furbo Dog Camera Review
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It works. It's simple and easy to use. We've been using ours for several years. The Furbo dog camera is worthy of its place in the pet tech market. Highly recommended.


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