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Fireworks and Your Dog

K9 Magazine is delighted to offer a completely FREE tip sheet on how owners of noise phobic dogs can help their pets cope better during firework season.

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Our free 'Fireworks and Your Dog' tip sheet will assist you in helping your dog cope better during firework season. We are also happy to recommend Forest Farmacy and Soothing Animal Solution, an organic instant calming solution for anxious pets to help with your dog's firework noise phobia.

Fireworks and Your Dog

Safer than sedation, the calmer offers pet owners an organic alternative to traditional chemical-based products and offers instant relaxation for stressed animals thanks to the unique blends of flower essences and aromatherapy.

The “Soothing Animal Solution” can be used either orally (sprayed into water and feed bowls) or sprayed around the dog’s coat and surroundings, with effects lasting between 4-6 hours. Thanks to the natural properties, the “Soothing Animal Solution” is suitable for regular use with no drowsiness or side effects

Simple and easy to use, SAS is administered using a spray, which works on a two pronged effect. By administering the spray orally it floods the body internally with effects lasting between four and six hours. When sprayed around the animal and its environment the formula targets the olfactory system - where emotions are stored - to help trigger endorphins bringing instant calmness.

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