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Keep Your Dog Safe

eBook: Keep Your Dog Safe

Losing a dog is a devastating event. Ask anyone who’s been through the horror of not knowing where their beloved pet is and they’ll recite you a tale of sheer hell, suffering and misery. Sadly, dog theft is on the…

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Ouch! Why Do Puppies Bite?

Aww. Who doesn’t love a puppy? All cute and furry, with their distinguished breath, adorable faces and those razor sharp, needle-like teeth that would give your average Piranha a run for its money. Wait. What? Ahh yes. The puppy’s mouth…

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Chiropractic Care For Dogs

Back injuries and back problems mean far more than simple mobility issues. The spine plays a huge part in the body’s function, it conducts the signals that tell the organs what to do and it controls reflexes. Spinal problems are…

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