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How to Stop Your Dog From Shedding

Dog shedding, it’s the bane of many a dog owner’s life. Whether it’s dogs’ throwing their fur off for summer or liberally distributing the contents of their coats as the temperature changes in the colder months, having a home full…

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Essential First Aid For Dogs

How confident are you that you know what to do if your dog gets into an emergency situation and needs essential first aid? Knowing what to do in an emergency can, and does, save many dogs lives each year. In…

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Kidney Disease in Dogs

Kidney disease in dogs is something that owners of older dogs have to be aware of. Hearing a vet hand down the diagnosis that our dog is suffering from kidney failure can be a devastating ordeal for any dog owner…

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Canine Communication: How to Speak Doggish

Understanding how dogs communicate is just about the most important ingredient in maintaining and establishing a happy, healthy relationship with your four-legged friend. It’s not just a fun thing to do, it’s crucial. An inability to recognise what makes dogs…

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eBook: Diabetes & Your Dog

Canine diabetes is a deadly, silent killer of dogs but if you arm yourself with enough information you could help your dog to bypass the disease. Recently I had the great pleasure of seeing my dog, Teddy reach his 15th…

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eBook: Clicker Training for Dogs

People often think of clicker training as a fast and easy way to teach basic obedience commands, such as ‘sit’ or ‘come’, but it can also quickly shape your dog’s behaviours in ways that establish a productive and happy relationship,…

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety is one of the biggest problems dogs face. Most people lead a lifestyle which involves leaving the dog alone for varying amounts of time. But that goes against everything a dog stands for – the pack, strength in…

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Canine Lymphoma Special Report

Canine lymphoma is a canine killer and is primarily a cancerous condition of the lymph glands. Normally a diagnosis of canine lymphoma is sadly a death sentence, survival rates have been limited to a few months, but with treatment, it…

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How To Stop Dog Bowl Aggression

Dog bowl aggression is one of the most common and destructive negative behaviours exhibited by domestic dogs. Experts believe the root cause of the problem lies with the identity of the dog’s food bowl. They say it represents the source…

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