Dog Sex Doll Goes on Sale

Yes, you read the headline correctly - there really is such a thing as a dog sex doll. It is crazy to hear, I know. Dogs usually do not care about this stuff, but since it is here let us discuss it.

Humans usually like to explore sexuality and other pleasures creatively unlike other creatures. This is why we have online resources like Plug Lust that offer as a portal to that reality.

Very often we receive press releases from pet product manufacturers, keen to tell us about their ‘unique’ new dog product which is – in reality – usually a glittery version of something that already exists or a modified dog bowl, a different kind of dog lead etc, but never before has anyone sent us a press release proudly announcing their ‘unique, new dog sex toy’. Yet, here we are. A dog sex doll is a product we didn't really expect to be hearing about!Made in Brazil by Petsmiling, this is – we believe – the world’s first canine sex doll. It’s a dog shaped, erm, ‘partner’ for dogs who are unable to pick up hot dates using their natural charm.

Sex doll for dogs sure to get tongues (and tails) wagging!

The product for kinky canines is called DoggieLoveDoll and is getting a lot of interest from stockists globally, including the UK, according to the firm.

They even say it can help dogs who feel down when they’re left alone.

This is definitely the most novel way we’ve heard of treating separation anxiety although one has to question whether dogs are really in need of a canine shaped sex doll when, for quite a while now, a pudgy old beanbag bed seems to elicit much the same amorous response.


  1. My Louis would probably eat this! Thankfully, as my dogs are neutered they have no need of such a thing, but if they did I’m sure they’d just bonk a cushion instead.
    What will they think up next I wonder?

  2. OMG my dogs would prob chew it to death rather than hump it…. but oh well… was talking about this with mates and think ill give it a shot at the best they have a new best friend when they need it… or they will just have a new chew toy… coz there is no way im showing ummm how to use it lol… wonder if it comes with instructions in dog talk :)

  3. Hmmm, what are you suposed to do when it’s all dirty and smelly, you can’t really put it in the washing machine, and I certainly wouldn’t want to put my hand in it to wash it out, this is so gross.

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