Dog Owners Prefer Pets To Partners When It Comes To Social Media

New research released by Direct Line has revealed dog owners prefer their pets to their partners when it comes to screen savers and profile pictures, with nine in 10 dog owners taking more pictures of their pets than partners!

86% of the 1,407 dog owners surveyed claimed to prefer to have their pet as their screen saver while 45% said they always use a picture of their pet as their social media profile.

Dog owners are constantly catching their ‘dogs on film’ with nearly a third (31 per cent) taking daily pictures, according to new research from Direct Line Pet Insurance and K9 Media. An incredible one in five dog owners admit that their phone gallery is 75% full with pet pictures as 90 per cent of dog owners reveal they take more pictures of their pet than their partners.

Edd Barclay, head of Direct Line Pet Insurance, comments: “When it comes to your phone or social media profile, pets win over partners. The majority (86 per cent) admitted they would prefer their pet as their screensaver and 45 per cent always use a picture of their pet as their social media profile.

“Dog owners are passionate about their hounds, as they are very much part of the family and owners are more than happy to share and show off their canine friends.”

The research revealed that out of those pet owners who don't take daily pictures of their pet, 72% take weekly pictures. Dog owners mostly do this to capture special moments and to capture something funny to share with friends and family. Keen to catch them in the act, 15% of pet owners try to capture their dog doing something naughty!

Can you see your dog featured in our video here?

Dog owners up and down the country have been uploading videos of their dogs dancing to but do hurry to register your vote, as the competition closes at 10am 17th September 2013. The 15 pets with the most votes will star in Direct Line’s next wave of TV adverts on Animal Planet channel in October and voters can win a holiday to South Africa, an HD TV and many other prizes.

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