K9 Magazine’s Dog Dictionary – The Dogosaurus Part III

Continuing our 'Dogosaurus' series finally putting a name to some of those exclusively unique canine quirks we all know and love, see if you can spot any of your own dog's habits this month...

Ten Pin Bowl-ing v.

A noisy affair which sees the dog send their food bowl from one side of a room to the other in an effort to ensure any remnants of food are totally cleared. The dog may also ‘skittle over’ any other household item located at ground level during the act of bowl-ing, which tends to take up all of the dog’s concentration levels.

Nervous twitch v.

A body movement occurring when an owner believes their dog is about to do something naughty only to be proved wrong. For example ~ You are having a dinner party and you notice your dog paying a lot of attention to a well-dressed lady’s leg. Fearing said dog is about to become ‘overly familiar’ with the lady you make a sudden move to apprehend the animal prior to any embarrassment being caused only to find the dog was merely having a friendly sniff and is about to move on to meet and greet another guest. You can sit back down having experienced a nervous twitch. The nervous twitch may be repeated often throughout the course of the evening.

The Opening Gambit v.

Occurs when food is left in attainable reach of the dog. An opening gambit is made when the dog makes an initial, very subtle motion or movement toward reachable food within your eyeline. The opening gambit is designed as an effort to gauge your reaction to their intended rebellion. If their opening gambit evokes a ‘nervous twitch’ response from you, they’ll step back and plan again. If the opening gambit results in you continuing to watch Eastenders however, seemingly unperturbed about the food coup about to unfold before your very eyes, the dog’s opening gambit would be deemed a success by its perpetrator and they’d move to stage two of the operation.

Cheesy chops n.

Any instance when the dog’s mouth/muzzle is covered in something highly undesirable such as dried dog food, puddle water, horse muck etc.

Cheesy chops body swerve v.

The act of having to ‘bob and weave’ when a dog with cheesy chops is utterly determined to deliver an affectionate kiss.

Stay tuned for our next edition and more from K9 Magazine's 'Dogosaurus' – in the meantime please share your own canine's antics with stories, photos and videos to submit your own entry!

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