Does the Non-Slip Grippy Lead Live Up to It’s Reputation? We Found Out

As a growing boy who recently turned 1 year old, Christopher's strength is also growing and so although he does walk well on the lead when out and about (take note Danny), when we were given the chance to review the multi-award winning Grippy lead for ourselves, we jumped at the chance on his behalf to put it's unique loop design, which makes it easier to alter the length of the lead putting less stress on your own arms and joints, to the test.

Who are Grippy Leads?

Founded by Jen Ives and inspired by her lovely Boxer, Pablo, she says "the Grippy idea was born whilst out walking one day with Pablo. We decided that there must be a better way to shorten a dog lead without wrapping it around your hand, or holding it lower down where it could slip through your grasp.

"After some thought we devised The Original Grippy, allowing you to simply select the loop you wish to use to suit the degree of control or freedom required. This design also addresses the obvious safety issue of wrapping leads around your hand."

Made in the UK, the Original Grippy range is made using cushioned webbing, with comfort and durability in mind.

What did Christopher receive?

Our first decision was to choose our preferential colour for his matching collar and lead set and whether we wanted to go for the 19mm or 25mm width and whether wanted the 5 of 6 innovative loop design on our choice of lead.

We eventually opted for a matching Cornish black & gold collar and 5 loop lead set, a lovely nod to Grippy lead's roots in Cornwall.

Both made from durable yet cushioned webbing for comfort, they each have brass fittings with a plastic clasp on the collar. Our chosen lead had 5 loops and the non-slip grip design really does make it very easy to alter the length of the lead to suit - it's easy to see how this lead has so many good reviews on their site!

This unique loop design allows you to easily alter the length - short, medium or long - instantly.

You can also see it has a brass ring in the handle so it can be clipped together and worn for 'hands free' when your dog is off lead roaming.

Although Grippy certainly suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes, we found this particularly useful for our stronger dogs, it's such a fuss free way to walk and most definitely puts less stress on your arms.

Grippy Leads also make bespoke products to order so if you'd prefer a lead suitable for a harness for example, or a set with reflective trim (with the darker morning/walks in mind) then it's really worth chatting with them to find out if what you're looking for can be created whatever your dog's size.

A huge thanks to Jen and Grippy Leads for sending Christopher (on his birthday!) this collar and lead set to put to the test. Read more testimonials and find out more at - we highly recommend!





  1. Harriet Vine-Groombridge

    August 7, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    Hi there.
    I’m really interested in this product as I have a severe degenerative spinal condition which causes chronic pain, and I struggle with my strong little terrier when she pulls. Would this lead be okay with a harness and a shock absorbing spring? as that is what helps me a little at the moment. Hope to hear from you soon. X

    • Jen Ives

      October 9, 2019 at 10:15 am

      Hi Harriet,
      Thank you for messaging – as our Grippy leads have a standard trigger clip they can be used with either collars or harnesses so this shouldn’t be a problem. I hope you will find the design of our lead a help and wish you all the best.
      Many thanks,
      Jen (Grippy Leads)

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