Are Conkers Poisonous To Dogs?

My dog ate a conker, should I be worried? Are conkers poisonous to dogs?

Conkers are poisonous to dogs if chewed and eaten due to the presence of gallotannins, a harmful mix of acids. If swallowed whole by dogs conkers can can also cause serious blockages.

Although severe poisoning from conkers is rare in dogs, here's what you need to know about dogs and conkers.

Why are conkers poisonous to dogs?

Conkers contain gallotannins, which is a mixture of harmful acids.

Most larger dogs would need to ingest several to suffer severe poisoning, but smaller breeds are at risk from just one or two and the conker could even cause an obstruction in the intestine.

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What should I do if my dog ate a conker? (signs of conker poisoning)

Signs of problems developing as a result of eating conkers normally display within 6 hours and include vomiting, diarrhoea, salivation, abdominal pain, excessive drinking and not eating.

Are Conkers Poisonous To Dogs?

Conkers danger for dogs: A Lucky escape

Lucky, a Springer Spaniel from South London was playing with a group of youngsters and they had no idea that encouraging Lucky to play with, chew and catch conkers could be so dangerous. He was rushed to The Blue Cross for treatment.

Conkers Poison Warning For Dog Owners

Alison Thomas, senior vet at the Victoria animal hospital treated him and said:

“Lucky suffered a terrible ordeal and his game of conker catch could have even been fatal. Many dog owners are totally unaware that conkers are highly toxic to their pets and they must prevent dogs from eating or playing with them.”

If you think your dog may have eaten, or been in contact with conkers, it is vital to contact your vet as soon as possible.

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