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Competition: What Lessons Can Dogs Teach Humans?

Is it really true? Dogs could teach us valuable lessons in how to improve our wealth, relationships, happiness and could even have prevented the global financial crisis? According to a book by K9 Magazine publisher and former professional dog trainer Ryan O'Meara, it is.

Clever Dog: Life Lessons From Man's Best Friend is a collection of valuable and interesting examples showing how humans could take a leaf from our clever canine friends.

Competition: What Lessons Can Dogs Teach Humans?

About The Book

The dog is undeniably the most successful domestic animal of all time. He shares his life with ours, has integrated into our society, and won the hearts and minds of millions of us. We call ourselves dog lovers because we do sincerely love them: they are fully-fledged members of our family, and we have elevated them to positions of authority in the human world.

Assistance dogs, protection dogs, detection dogs, companion dogs ... they all enhance our lives immeasurably. In this book we will examine a whole raft of canine skills and talents, and try to piece together how and why the dog has enjoyed such immense success as a domesticated animal. We will look at the dog as a problem solver, conflict resolver, and health asset.

As a decision maker and hero. And as a loyal and trusted friend. Clever Dog! is a compendium of life lessons we can learn from our dogs, based on a combination of what we know about them and indeed what we think we might know about them. He's earned his epithet 'Man's best friend:' in this book, our aim is to examine how he did it and how we might emulate his talents in order to enjoy the same fortune and fulfillment in our lives. Be happy and successful: learn from the best!

Features: * Interesting take on self development/improvement lessons * Interesting facts and data on how the human/canine relationship evolved * Amazing examples of how dogs have succeeded and achieved * Practical insights into how humans can use the dog as a life example * Incredible stories of canine bravery, endurance and talent * Understanding leadership from the world's most famous pack animal * Learn how to settle conflicts without 'drawing blood' * Understand how to develop and enhance relationships, learning from the best * Climb the career ladder by following the winning strategy of the dog * How to embrace and cherish independence without being a 'loner'.

Win one of 5 copies of the book being offered by publisher Hubble & Hattie by answering this question:

What is the most valuable lesson your dog has taught you?

The best entries will be selected by Ryan and a free copy of the book will be on its way.

Use the comment form below to submit your canine life lessons (please use your real email address - it won't be published but we will need it to contact you if you win)



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