Caprice Bourret: ‘I Want to Know That I’ve Done Good by My Dog’

Caprice Bourret is one of the most photographed women on the planet. As a Supermodel turned Entrepreneur, she divides her time between the things she loves and the people who mean the most to her.

K9 Magazine’s Kim O’Meara caught up with Caprice to hear more about the dog who’s captured all of her heart, her dog Stinker.

Hi Caprice, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us again.

Hi! No problem, thank you!

Life’s changed a lot for you since we last spoke.

Oh my god, has it ever.

Photography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9Magazine

We first met you and Stinker about 14 years ago. How’s she doing?

Isn’t that crazy? She’s 16 now.

You know, for her age, she’s doing amazing. She has a bad heart so she sees her cardiologist every three months.

We lost Roly [Caprice’s second Chihuahua] a while back, which was devastating. We had a ceremony to say goodbye to him, but yeah, it was devastating.

Caprice, Roly and Stinker, circa 2008 / Photography by Burnt Orange Photography for K9 Magazine

I'm sorry to hear that.

What has Stinker’s approach to her senior years been like? I have a 12 year old who’s decided that whether through genuine or selected deafness ‘no rules’ works best.

(Laughs) Oh really? I think Stinker’s a good older dog really.

She’s still quite spunky and still smiles at me. If we go to the park she still wants to run around, not as fast as she once did, but she’s just a joy. She just wants to keep on living life to the fullest.

She has a really good attitude.

Photography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9Magazine

Stinker was your first dog, wasn’t she?

That’s right. She’s my little baby girl.

You’re now also mum to two boys, Jett and Jax. What’s the best thing about seeing her and your young boys growing up and getting older together?

Well, children can be scary, you know, but I’ve been teaching my boys to be gentle with her. They know that her heart isn’t as strong as it used to be so they have to be gentle with her, so it’s much better now.

Photography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9Magazine

Now she’ll go up to them and wiggle her tail, asking for a cuddle.

It’s so nice to see because my boys, you know, they’re responsible and sensitive towards her.

One thing that I’m teaching them is kindness towards animals and they’re really responding well, being sensitive towards all animals because, you know, children can be quite aggressive, not intentionally of course, but because they’re excited, it can be daunting to an animal, so my boys are very, very gentle.

Photography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9Magazine

When we last spoke about 8 or 9 years ago, life was very busy with your business, By Caprice growing rapidly and your dogs were a big part of your home life, but as we talk about your boys, it’s clear that your family has grown and life has changed.

How much have life’s changes changed you as a person?

I’ve definitely changed. I mean I went from being my wild child self to being responsible and worrying all the time, literally. It’s not about me anymore.

Life’s all about my family and what I need to do to make my family strong, happy and nurtured.

Before it was all ‘me, me, me’ but now nothing’s about me anymore (laughs).

Being in the entertainment industry, in the past so much was about going to the gym every day, getting facials and massages, going to the tennis pro to exercise and maintain my figure, you know really looking after myself, and I’ve gone from that to not looking after myself at all.

Now it’s like, ‘yeah I’ve got cellulite, yeah I’ve got wrinkles, do I care? No, not really'. And I’m okay with that. I’ve got an amazing man, I’ve got my children, I’ve got Stinker and a thriving business, and that’s what means something to me now.

Photography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9Magazine

Talking about your business, By Caprice, when we first spoke the focus was all on lingerie whereas in recent times By Caprice Home has grown enormously.


What’s the mission - or ethos - behind everything you do and what do you love most about your job?

Well, it’s a little bit technical I have to be honest, but what I love about By Caprice Home is the skew count.

You know with one bra you have 43 different skew counts [with variables between cup and band sizes], now with bedding, I have three.

From an admin point of view, that’s massive. It’s just not as time-consuming.

I see.

And the margins are better in Home and the opportunities, you know, there’s just not as much competition for what we’re doing.

I have a team designing for what people buy into. Celebrity branding isn’t just about price. People buy into an image and a glamorous lifestyle, and that’s what we’re producing through our glamorous bedding ranges.

I found a great niche in the market and I’ve used it to my advantage, and it’s working because nobody else is doing it.

By Caprice Home is stocked in major retailers throughout the UK, including Dunelm, Next,, Visit to view the entire range.

With less admin, you must have more time to do other things you love, such as acting. Tell us about the new movie you have coming out on Amazon Prime.

Yes, I did this movie called ‘Intruders’ which is coming out on Amazon Prime mid-November.

I’m so excited about it because the character I played is so far out of my comfort zone so, you know, I’m excited for people to see that and see the different side of me.

One of the things I’ve learnt is that you have to keep reinventing yourself.

Stinker pictured with her new George Barclay Holmsley Pet Carrier / Photography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9Magazine

I remember 14 years ago when we first spoke you were about to go into the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house and there were three main reasons you were doing it - one, you could raise money for a charity you supported, two, you could show people the real you, and three, it was good from a brand perspective.

Thinking of your new film and reinventing yourself, something that gives you the chance to show a different side of you is good too?

Yeah, in the case of ‘Intruders’ it’s a chunky role.

I’ve been taking my classes aggressively for a year and a half because it’s important to me to do whatever I do well.

I think if I do it well there’s a lot of credibility and credence in that. It’s another tag to my belt.

Stinker pictured with her new treats, Pet Munchies / Photography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9Magazine

You’ve always been interested in production and the stage, haven’t you?

I have. I’ve been fortunate that everything we’ve done has had really good reviews, and you know what, I love it.

I only want to do things that I really love now. I’ve felt pressured to do things in the past because I wanted to make money and save up and I don’t have that worry any more, I’ve done the hard part, so I want to do things that I love and that my children will be proud of.

Talking of things that you love, let’s get back to Stinker.

If you were to swap roles with Stinker for a day, what would you love most about spending a few hours in her shoes and what do you think she’d love most about being you?

I think she would love the fact that she could eat anything that she wants. Her diet is very limited, so yes she’d love to eat human food (laughs).

I would love to be her. She has a completely stress free life.

Photography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9Magazine

We ask all of our celebrities this question, it’s all in the name of fun.

Based on personalities alone, which breeds of dog come to mind when you think of these dog-loving celebrities (and why)?

Meghan Markle - A Poodle. I think she pays a lot of attention to her dress and looking proper all the time. I think that’s important to her.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson - Oh, a Bulldog, for sure.

Miley Cyrus - Let me think of a potentially unpredictable breed. Maybe a Jack Russell Terrier? Not nasty but a little bit yappy and attention seeking.

David Beckham - I think he’d be a Labrador, a big personality and soft at heart.

And what about you, what breed of dog would you be and why?

I’ve got quite an edge to me but I have a serious soft spot so maybe I’d be a German Shepherd.

They’re incredibly protective of their family, they can be rough and tough, but then they have such a soft spot, so yeah, I think that’s a good one.

Photography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9Magazine

Moving onto our quick-fire questions, are you ready?

Go for it!

Describe the last time you laughed out loud because of something you saw Stinker or another dog do.

Oh my god, well, it’s kind of embarrassing.

Stinker has a lot of flatulence because of her old age, so when I have people for a photoshoot or she comes into the office with me for a meeting and it happens, I just end up thinking ‘oh my god they’ll think I just farted, that’s super great, just brilliant’. (laughs)

So, the last time it happened I had to say something because I didn’t want them to think I had problems (laughs).

There’s something about dogs and offices though isn’t there, you never know what’s going to happen.

I know, I mean...actually, no, let’s just keep it at flatulence and call it a day. (laughs)

Photography by Vivienne Edge Photography for K9Magazine

What do you think is the most important life lesson that we can learn from dogs?

You know what’s incredible about dogs is how forgiving they are. As humans, some of us have a lot of trouble forgiving and it’s the most incredible quality to forgive unconditionally.

I wish the world could adhere to that a little more.

We’re living in strange times, aren’t we?

Very scary times.

Finish the following sentence, my dog partner in crime. You know, your dogs become your family. She’s been with me 16 years, it’s a massive amount of time, I can’t believe it.

They really become one of the biggest parts of your life, don’t they? They consume your heart.

This is always a tough question so you might need some time to think about it, but if Stinker had the ability to speak and she could tell you one thing, a secret to happiness or something else, what would you want her to tell you?

Well, with work and the children, I’m not as attentive as I used to be when it was just us. She was my number one for so many years and you have guilt don’t you, so I’d want to know that she’s happy.

She’s so important to me and she’s made me so happy that I just want to know she’s happy and that I’ve done good by her.

Many thanks, Caprice!

K9 Magazine’s Thanks Go To…

George Barclay – For their Holmsley Pet Carrier

Pet Munchies – For Their Premium, Gourmet Dog Treats



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