eBook: Diabetes & Your Dog

Canine diabetes is a deadly, silent killer of dogs but if you arm yourself with enough information you could help your dog to bypass the disease.

Recently I had the great pleasure of seeing my dog, Teddy reach his 15th birthday. Teddy has always been an active, fit and healthy dog. That was up until he started to gain weight pretty suddenly.

At first, I put it down to the natural ageing process. But when I struggled to keep the weight from piling on, I cut his food down. Still no weight loss.

eBook: Diabetes & Your Dog

Eventually I took him to the vet and learned that he was suffering with canine diabetes. I was, as you can probably imagine, upset, shocked and worried.

If I’m honest, I didn’t even know dogs could get diabetes and was definitely not aware of just how serious (life threatening in fact) it could be.

Teddy is a happy, healthy, older dog. But learning about how to keep him in the peak of health and understanding how I could have made some changes to both spot the signs of diabetes and, more importantly, taken action steps to reduce his risk of actually getting the condition in the first place is something I wished I’d done earlier.

I am 100% supportive of any dog owner who takes control of their pet’s future by learning about this deadly, but avoidable disease.

Diabetes is a killer disease.

But it doesn’t need to be. Too many dogs around the world die from diabetes when they could have been treated easily, at home.

How would you know if your dog is suffering from diabetes?

  • Is your dog urinating more often?
  • Overweight?
  • Drinking too much?
  • Showing more frequent signs of agitation?
  • Urinating in the house where they didn’t before?
  • …ALL are symptoms of diabetes!

This eBook is the essential guide for any dog owner who cares about their dog’s well being. Diabetes is an easily treatable condition that can affect any dog at any time. But if ignored, diabetes can and will kill your dog.


It’s sad that so many dogs die needlessly from diabetes purely because their owners weren’t able to spot the signs or take the simple steps to reduce the risks. Canine death from diabetes should be a thing of the past – and with this eBook, it can be.

Inside this guide…

- The three crucial diabetes symptoms that you must never ignore.

- The two fatal mistakes that dog owners must stop making.

- How you can use a complete free treatment to reduce diabetes risks before it destroys your dog’s life.

- Why exercising an overweight dog at the wrong time of day can be potentially fatal.

- The easy way for a chronically diabetic dog to live a full and happy life.

- Three good (and real) medical reasons why diabetic dogs can live longer.

- Why an apple can help you treat your dog.

- How corn syrup can save your dog’s life.

Without this eBook:

- You’ll miss out on the essential guide to spotting diabetes before it begins to take hold.

- You’ll be without the essential life saving diabetes symptom checker.

- Your dog could suffer unnecessarily and may not live as long as he or she should.

- Your time with your dog could be drastically cut short when there is a diabetes treatment sitting in your kitchen right now!

Now, ask yourself – all this potentially life saving information, instantly accessible and presented in a very simple, easy to follow format is invaluable. If you pick up just ONE tip or just ONE piece of information that can help you spot the tell-tale signs of canine diabetes, it simply MUST be worth it!

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Drinking a Lot of Water
Although it's natural for your dog to be thirstier in the summer or after a bit of rambunctious exercise, excessive drinking throughout the day and that continues for several days can be a sign of diabetes. If you notice that you're having to fill the water bowl more often, you may want to have your dog tested for canine diabetes. Other diseases may also cause an increase in thirst as well, so having a veterinarian check your pet is a good idea.

Urinating a Lot
It stands to reason, if your dog is drinking more, then they're going to be wanting outside a lot more too. So, although you may not notice the increased water intake right away (as it can be very gradual), you'll certainly be made aware of the increased need to urniate (think revolving door).

Your Dog May Develop "Sweet Breath"
Most of us dog owners will complain of a dog's "bad breath", so you'll most likely notice if the breath takes on a "sweet" smell. This is a sign that your dog's blood sugar levels have risen to high and need to be brought under control.

No, we're not talking about how a dog shakes after they get wet. This is a subtle shaking/shivering that accompanies hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and is very serious. If this symptom appears, take your dog to the veterinarian immediately as it is very serious and your might require an injection of insulin. [/su_spoiler] [tabs style="2"] [tab title="Inside the eBook"]

Everything You Need To Know About Spotting, Preventing and Treating Diabetes in Dogs

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to spot the symptoms of canine diabetes
  • Management plans for dogs diagnosed with diabetes
  • How to identify early warning signs
  • & more!
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