Can Dogs Really Improve Your Dating Life?

It's been said that there's someone out there for everyone, yet some people find it harder than others to find that special someone. In fact, getting a date can be a lot harder than it's cracked up to be. What this means is that there are plenty of delightful, loving – single - people who dearly want to be part of a loving couple. Actually, there are probably many more such people than you'd think, says dating expert, Annie Kaszina.

The good news is that, if you're one of them – or if someone you care about is one of them - help is at hand, in the shape of your dog.

The key to your relationship happiness

Your dog can help you to overcome most of the reasons why you might have found dating daunting before now. Research shows you're three times more likely to get a date if you have a dog, if you will like to start dating, learn more here about a dating site you might find useful. And this is not just true of 'ordinary people'. Celebrities like Davina Mccall and Ben Fogle each met and fell in love with their respective spouses through their dogs.


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Stress-free ice-breaking

Your dog is a great ice-breaker. He, or she, doesn't have the challenges about talking to strangers that you may have. For your dog, there are no strangers, only friends he (or she) has yet to meet – and get under their paw. Even better, your dog is a great ambassador for you.

Fido – or Dido - speaks volumes about you, and sends a clear message that you're a loving, caring person. The way someone responds to your dog also tells you a lot about the kind of person they are.

Your dog can take a LOT of the stress out of meeting new people. He makes the introduction, and sets the conversation onto a track that is well within your comfort zone: dogs.

Dog-lovers can happily talk dogs together till the cows come home – whether or not they are both dog-owners. It would be hard to think of a better way of creating a warm and genuine connection – which is where the problem often lies in conventional dating scenarios.

Must-haves in your dog – and your partner

People, like dogs, have different temperaments. When it comes down to it, you're probably looking for the same kind of qualities in a partner as you do in your dog.

What's not to like about a dog – or a partner – who is affectionate, loyal, fun to be around, reliable, good with children, easy-going, house-trained, easy to talk to, comes when called, is active, lively, healthy, and a delight to be around?

Mean and moody is a very high price to pay for magnificence in either a two-pawed or four-pawed companion. A person's behaviour around a dog is a good way to see who they truly are.

"Let's meet again"

Let's imagine for a moment that your dog has engaged someone rather nice in conversation. You can you move things forward without feeling pushy or uncomfortable simply by saying something like: "If you're not in a rush, feel free to stroll along with me for a few minutes." You can let them know that you usually walk your dog there at the same time, and you can agree to meet the following day, or the day after, at the same time. (This works equally well if they have a dog of their own that gets on with your dog, if they've got a dog you have yet to meet, or if they don't have a dog, at all.)

The way to a dog-lover's heart

In short, Fido and Dido can offer you a great way to 'baby-step' into finding your perfect partner. It's easy to establish a new habit of walking together. From there, it's a small step to having a coffee, or a drink, together. Before you know it, Fido or Dido could have two loving humans in tow, and you could have one more reason to thank that dog for bringing joy into your life.

The way to a dog-owner's heart is through their dog. The way to a dog-lover's heart is through a dog – quite possibly your dog. When you've been worrying about how difficult it is to get a date, you're been overlooking the furry ace in your pack: your dog.

Things are never difficult for your dog, because your dog doesn’t 'do' difficulties. Let your dog show you the easy you to 'do' dating and build great friendships and relationships.

About the Author

Annie Kaszina, aka The Dog-Lover’s Dating Coach, is a speaker, author of “Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband?”, and gopher to Shih Tzu charmer, Basil Kaszina – who helped her find her perfect partner.

Can Dogs Really Improve Your Dating Life?
A professional relationship coach, Annie loves to help people enjoy their human relationships as much as they enjoy their relationships with their dogs.

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Can Dogs Really Improve Your Dating Life?

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