Butcher’s Original Recipe Dog Food

In this dog food review we test out Butcher's Original Recipe dog food. Our testers for this were Mia and Chloe and the review was originally carried out 13 February 2010.

From the manufacturer:

Do Butcher’s test on animals?

We do not carry out invasive testing or keep captive animals.

Butcher’s only carry out palatability tests on new products, to make sure everything we produce is as delicious as your dog expects! This is carried out in the dog’s home environment, by the owner and at the usual feeding times.

Why is Butcher’s good for my dog?
Made with fresh meat and no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, all Butcher’s recipes are packed with natural nutrition. Butcher’s contains all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs, so he’ll be as ‘fit as a Butcher’s dog’.

Why will my dog like Butcher’s?
Butcher’s has extremely high levels of palatability, because it is made with fresh meat and is not bulked out with cereal or soya. This gives your dog more of what he really loves – real meat. And because each recipe is developed with leading experts, you can be sure that every meal is providing your dog with the essential vitamins and mineral he needs.

Why is tripe good for my dog?
Tripe contains the essential fatty acids amino 3 and 6, which help muscle development. Tripe is also a good source of naturally occurring minerals and nutrients that are essential in preserving your dog’s health. Tripe is also known to promote a healthy skin and coat. And as every Butcher’s dog knows, it tastes great!

Do Butcher’s add any artificial additives to their products?
No, all Butcher’s recipes contain nothing artificial as at Butcher’s we believe in natural nutrition for pets and therefore we do not cram our recipes full of artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, ensuring your dog only gets the best ingredients and nutrition.

Does Butcher’s contain cereal or soya?
No – bulking out dog food with cereal and soya not only reduces the amount of meat included in the recipe, but can also cause allergy problems, particularly for dogs with a gluten intolerance. Therefore, by producing dog foods that do not contain cereal or soya, not only are we providing a healthy diet for Britain’s dogs, but we are also making delicious dog foods – no cereal or soya means more meat, which dogs love.

How much salt is contained in Butcher’s products?
Butcher’s don’t add any salt to any of our recipes.
Between 0.2% and 0.5% of a can of Butcher’s is salt. All of this is naturally occurring, as the fresh meat is so delicious it isn’t needed! As all Butcher’s products are complete meals this equates to all of your dog’s recommended daily allowance of salt.

No cereal or soya. This is a huge tick in the box for modern, health conscious dog owners.
Butcher’s Tripe Dog Food Review

Have used Butcher’s Tripe on and off for years as a ‘goto’ food for my dogs. They both do well on it in comparison to other wet foods.

I tend not to keep my dogs on any fixed diet for a long period of time. Some days they’ll be on raw, others they’ll be on a dry complete – I mix and match quite a lot. Which also allows me to watch in ‘real time’ how well my dogs tend to get on with particular brands in terms of odours, how much they actually enjoy the taste, how well their coats look etc.
Butcher’s Tripe original recipe review score as follows

Cost/Value for Money: 7/10 (400gm can costs about 50p)
Quality of ingredients: 5/10
Packaging/Marketing: 7/10
Apparent Taste Factor: 9/10
Back End Tolerance (tummy tolerance): 7/10
Butcher’s Tripe Review Conclusion

It’s probably no greater compliment to pay this food than to say, when a dog is ill or off their food many people turn to Butcher’s Tripe as a means to get the dog eating again.

Butcher's Original Recipe Dog Food

Ultimately, dogs love the taste of Butcher’s Tripe – even if it a little obnoxious to our own noses!

The meat is very popular with dogs for fairly obvious reasons although the smell, whilst clearly enticing to the end-user, can be somewhat offputting to some owners.

All natural ingredients, no artificial flavours. Another big plus point.

Have used this on and off for years as a ‘goto’ food for my dogs. They both do well on it in comparison to other wet / canned dog foods.


  1. Both my dogs had ops for mast cell cancer, and hopefully it wont return. One is 11/1/2 years and the other 10//1/2 years of age, i feed them both on butchers tripe and sweet potatoe, diet which keeps them healthy and well balanced. The older one cannot eat dog biscuits as he has a weak stomach and was a rescue, that was previously starved so has a weak stomache. Butchers tripe is the only food i give him and the occasional soft chew. It would be good to be a member,if its affordable. What is the membership fee?

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