Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs

The holiday season is almost near which means it’s time to get working on your Christmas gift lists.

One of the best parts of Christmas when you're a dog owner is including our canine family members in the festivities. Sure, they don't necessarily appreciate the meaning of Christmas, but they definitely enjoy getting new stuff to unwrap (see, they're not so different from us after all!).

With so many Christmas gifts for dogs’ options available, it can be a challenge to know what your dog will most benefit from using.

You can opt for some affordable treats or go for practical gifts that you know your dog will very much enjoy.

Our guide to selecting the best Christmas gifts for dogs is designed to help you make the best choice based on multiple selection criteria.

Selection criteria for picking recommended Christmas gifts for dogs:

  • Good quality and safety. In our opinion, this is crucial because as we choose our Christmas gifts for dogs, we also consider not only the dog’s convenience but as well as the dog’s safety while using, keeping the dogs happy, preventing negative tendencies and away from toxic chemicals and materials.
  • Value for money. While they are often more expensive than cheaper Christmas gifts for dogs, they will serve better. If you're buying Christmas gifts for dogs, you need to know that we've tested them and consider them to be high quality. Hold your dog safe, happy and save your cash.
  • How much dog owners like them. As these Christmas gifts for dogs serve a vital purpose in the dog's safety and convenience, it is also a must that the dog owner loves the effectiveness, convenience and safety of the Christmas gifts. Find Christmas gifts for dogs that keeps them convenient, safe, happy and contented.

About our best Christmas gifts for dogs recommendations

We’ll be updating and adding to this best Christmas gifts for dogs guide so you can bookmark the page and we'll keep you posted when any new Christmas gifts for dogs meets our selection criteria for recommendation.

So, let's get started. Here are our favourite Christmas gifts for dogs so far.

Portable Dog Water Bottle

COTOP Portable Dog Water Bottle

Priced from £19.73

Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs

About COTOP Portable Dog Water Bottle:

COTOP Portable Dog Water Bottle is portable and convenient. This Water Bottle is great for walking and travelling with you dog. And it include bottle carabiner can be attached to your backpack, pet crate, stroller or glovebox.

Quick and Easy to use:One key open/Lock water,one hand operation,easy to feed water.

Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs

According to it’s manufacturer, this portable water bottle is the answer to your problems!

Feed & hydrate your beloved pet on the go. Not too big, easy storage in your backpack or pocket, keep your pet healthy. -Simple one-key lock/start water, leak-proof ,

Lightweight and portable. -Includes lanyard. Ready for any adventure, from short-walk to long-time traveling. – Food Grade ABS & PC complied with FDA, shatterproof & long-lasting durable.

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Interactive Treat Puzzle

Nina Ottosson Tornado Interactive Treat Puzzle

Priced from £14.99

Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs

About Nina Ottosson Tornado Interactive Treat Puzzle:

Nina Ottosson puzzles can help build your relationship with a newly adopted dog and help shy dogs come out of their shell.

You can also use these puzzles to train and practice basic commands like “sit” and “stay” with your pup.

Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs

By putting your dog to work with a puzzle or game, you are focusing their attention and energy effectively, ultimately reducing boredom and destructive behaviors.

Puzzles are also a great way to distract dogs from fireworks, thunderstorms and other situations where your dog may get anxious.

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Cord Dog Toy

Petface Dougie Deli Cord Dog Toy

Priced from £6.99

Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs

About Petface Dougie Deli Cord Dog Toy:

Petface Dougie Deli Cord is a soft and lightweight dog toy, perfect for keeping your pets busy and happy.

This super cute cord dog toy makes playtime fun for everyone, whether it’s used in interactive play or as a cuddly companion for your dog.

Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Perfect for playful pups! Light and soft for playful games, these cord character soft toys are great to keep your dog both entertained and company when snuggled up.

Perfect for developing play skills and keeping their little mouths busy and satisfied.

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Treat Mat

LickiMat Buddy Treat Mat

Priced from £5.99

Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs

 About LickiMat Buddy Treat Mat:

The Lickimat Buddy Treat Mat is a very popular product for animals, it works by putting food onto the textured surface such as peanut butter which then the animal can lick/eat off.

The product makes the animal eat slower and can even deal with their anxiety.

Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Spread your pet’s favorite healthy soft treat over mat surface which will sooth and calm your pet through licking. Keep your pet entertained with tasty treats.

Enjoy small treats without overfeeding as it stimulates saliva to aid digestive health. Perfect for runny treats like yoghurt or gravy.

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Squirrel Plush

Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Plush

Priced from £24.28

Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs 

About Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Plush:

Hide A plush puzzle toys for dogs are mentally stimulating to prevent boredom. While dogs play hide and seek with these squeaky toys, they are using their problem solving skills and focusing their energy into something positive, playful, and fun.

Supervise your dog while they play solo, or throw the squeaky toys for an interactive game of fetch!

Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs

Challenge your pup with mentally-stimulating interactive puzzle toys. Dogs are encouraged to problem-solve while playing with these boredom buster puzzles.

These toys are intended for supervised play and are not chew toys.

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We will be updating this article regularly with fuller reviews of the best Christmas gifts for dogs has to offer as well as any others we find and think you have to know about - so check back regularly for updates!

If you have a Christmas gifts for dogs recommendation that our readers should know about, we want to hear from you. Feel free to suggest your favourite Christmas gifts for dogs in the comments section below.

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