‘Archer’ Star Amber Nash on Why Dogs Make Everything Better

Amber Nash is perhaps best known as the voice who brings to life Pam Poovey in the hit animated comedy TV show, ‘Archer’, which has just been renewed for a highly anticipated 11th season.

Alongside her co-star Lucky Yates, Amber created and co-hosts an aftershow called ‘Archer After Hours’, which talks about the show that’s just aired and invites fans to send questions in. Fans can catch up with the latest season’s episodes on Facebook.

We caught up with Amber to chat all things ‘Archer’ and talk misunderstood dog breeds as we meet her giant baby, her rescue Pitbull, Carol.

Photography by Stacey Bode Photography / Instagram @staceybode

Hi Amber, thanks for chatting with us today.

We know you’re a massive dog lover and own a Pitbull named Carol so we can’t wait to find out all about her. How and when did Carol come into your life?

My husband and I got her from a rescue organisation in January 2013, she was my Christmas gift but wasn't fully baked yet by the holiday.

My last dog had passed away two years earlier and I was really needing a new baby in my life.

How did you come up with her name?

She was very shy, so my husband and I being in the comedy business wanted the name of a famous comedian that was known for being shy. We came up with Carol Burnett, who also coincidentally has long legs, like our Carol also does, plus the Christmas Carol connection. It was perfect.

Photography by Stacey Bode Photography

What made you choose a Pitbull?

Being in Atlanta, lots of rescues are Pits. We actually thought we were getting a Mastiff mix but as she grew into the beauty she is today we realised that smile was all Pit.

I think a lot of places lean into other breeds when listing mixes because Pits have a bad reputation, which is so unfair and mainly because they are unfortunately used in fighting, through no fault of their own.

Photography by Stacey Bode Photography

Have you owned a Pitbull before?

I had never owned a Pit but my previous dog was a Rottweiler, another misunderstood breed. I like the big beasts!

There are a lot of myths about Carol’s breed and other big dogs like her, so let’s use this as an opportunity to shine a light on them. Tell us all about Carol’s personality.

She is a giant baby. Literally, she is scared of a lot of things, usually sound related. She is not a fan of any weather events, fireworks, loud trucks. She hides in the bathtub or under the bed when she is scared.

She loves being with people, she loves when we have guests. She loves her beast babies (toys) and if she is having a really good time she needs to go get a beast baby to complete the experience.

Photography by Stacey Bode Photography

She is happiest when my husband and I are both at home and sitting on the couch together. If we are in the yard, she'd rather be inside on the couch and will bark at us until we do what she says.

She is also very into bath time, hers or other peoples…if someone else is having a bath she likes to be there and to lick their legs dry when they get out.

Where does your love of dogs come from?

I grew up around dogs and have always loved them. I got my first dog when I was 11, a Golden Retriever named Tater. Dogs make everything better.

Photography by Stacey Bode Photography

Our readers will most likely know you best as the voice of Pam Poovey on the TV show ‘Archer’. Pam’s changed a lot over the years, first being a gossipy head of HR at the agency to becoming someone who holds her colleague Sterling Archer to account and more of a spy sidekick.

You’ve been playing her for 10 years now. What’s the best thing - or biggest challenge - about playing a character like her?

It has been such a privilege to play a character for so long and one that I love so much. A lot of people respond to Pam because she is bold, fun, strong and doesn't care what anyone thinks, all things I think we all aspire to be more like. I'm so proud of the character and how far she has come. I love that she is body positive, sex positive, and a sex symbol.

Photography by Stacey Bode Photography

If you were let loose on the scripts, what would you love Pam to do next?

I'd love to see a big story arc at Poovey Farms with her family and I'd get to play all the characters a la ‘Nutty Professor’.

Does Carol ever come into work with you?

No, she is a little too squirrelly for that.

You live in Atlanta don’t you, how dog friendly is the city?

Very, it seems like everyone here has a dog and lots of tattoos. Especially where we live there are tons of parks, trails, sidewalks, dog spas and hotels.

Where’s the most dog friendly city or town you’ve visited and what makes it stand out from all the others?

I really do think it's Atlanta. I think it helps that we have pretty moderate weather and lots of space.

Photography by Stacey Bode Photography

We ask all of our celebrities this question, it’s all in the name of fun.

Based on their personalities, which breeds of dog come to mind when you think of your Archer co-stars?

Jessica Walter - (the voice of Malory Archer) - Maltese.

Lucky Yates (the voice of Doctor Krieger) - Boxer.

Judy Greer (the voice of Cheryl Tunt) - Yorkshire Terrier.

H. Jon Benjamin (the voice of Sterling Archer) - French Bulldog.

Aisha Tyler (the voice of Lana Kane) - Afghan Hound.

Chris Parnell (the voice of Cyril Figgis) - Boston Terrier.

And what about you, what breed of dog would you be and why?

Probably like a German Shepherd, a little bossy but still likes to have fun.

Photography by Stacey Bode Photography / Hair and makeup: Amanda Lee Williams / Instagram @amandaleeartistrie

Moving onto our quick-fire questions, can you share a secret or an unintentionally funny moment from the ‘Archer’ recording booth with us?

Having to make humping noises in a room full of dudes was pretty funny.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen Carol or another dog do?

My 100 pound Rottweiler Dottie jumped in the trunk of my Honda Accord wanting to go somewhere.

Photography by Stacey Bode Photography

What do you think is the most important life lesson we can learn from dogs?

Take naps and let people know when you are happy to see them.

Finish the following sentence, my dog is...a brindle beauty.

Photography by Stacey Bode Photography

This is always a tough question so you might need some time to think about it, but if you could ask Carol one question and one question only, what would you ask her and what do you think she’d say?

My question would be “Do you like living here?” and Carol’s answer would be “You guys will do.”

Thanks so much, Amber!



‘Archer’ Star Amber Nash on Why Dogs Make Everything Better
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