Puppy Advice

Puppies are so much fun. But when you run in to puppy problems our puppy advice guides are here. From toilet training a puppy to the best diets for puppies.

About Your Puppy’s Development Stages

Puppy development stages are crucial. In this guide we explain the key development stages for puppies. Dogs, like children, go through several important developmental stages, and how they are treated during them has a major influence on their behaviour as…
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Bringing A New Pet Home

Getting a new pet can be a source of happiness for the whole family, but there can be many things to think about as you make this big step.  One option to consider is rehoming an unwanted animal. There are…
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How to Paper Train Your Puppy

Of all of the problems that dog owners face with raising a pet, the trouble involved in housebreaking stands out as the most common. Puppy paper training is a way to effectively begin the house training process. In fact, of…
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Puppy House Training

House Training a Puppy

Puppy house training is easy...when you know-how! If you’re one of the lucky few K9 Magazine readers who’ve recently acquired or are thinking of getting a new puppy, congratulations! You’ve done your homework, selected the breed that’s right for you…
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