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Bringing A New Pet Home

Getting a new pet can be a source of happiness for the whole family, but there can be many things to think about as you make this big step.  One option to consider is rehoming an unwanted animal. There are…

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Can Dogs Get Depressed

Can Dogs Get Depressed?

In this article we tackle a question posed by K9 Magazine reader Helen Anderson who asks ‘can dogs get depressed like humans?’ An interesting one, this. Because there are two crucial elements to the question. Can dogs get depressed? And,…

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dog vomitting can be sign of illness

Why is my Dog Vomiting

The dog vomits with ease, seemingly at will, and often without apparent cause. One thing that almost never causes a dog to vomit is eating too fast. Bolting food is the natural way for a dog. Eating too much, however,…

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Holistic Pet Care: Expert Answers Your Questions

Holistic diets and health supplements are potentially great. When used correctly your dog can benefit from years of dedicated research and development in the holistic health industry. But the operative words here ‘when used correctly’. Because the holistic health sector…

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How to Stop a Puppy Howling

When you bring a new puppy into your home it can be an exciting time for the humans in the household, but for the puppy it can actually be quite a stressful time, writes Natalka Jacyszyn, Dog Psychologist. Just imagine…

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Puppy House Training

House Training a Puppy

Puppy house training is easy…when you know-how! If you’re one of the lucky few K9 Magazine readers who’ve recently acquired or are thinking of getting a new puppy, congratulations! You’ve done your homework, selected the breed that’s right for you…

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Free Dog Training Tips

This is a guest post with some free online dog training advice for beginners. When training dogs it is important to be consistent in behaviour and commands used, if the response to whatever the animal does is always different, it…

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Cataracts in Dogs

Cataracts in Dogs: What You Need to Know: Owners of older dogs often notice begin to notice a bluish white film start to develop over the eyes of their dog. As dogs age, eye problems – particularly cataracts – are…

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Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety is a common problem in dogs which has divided expert opinion of the causes behind the behaviour for many years. The situation can become dramatic when the owners leave, resulting in chewed carpets, remote controls, dog beds etc,…

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