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Stop Dog From Barking Tips

How to Cure Unwanted Dog Barking

According to various studies carried out by dog training professionals, stopping a dog from barking is one of the most commonly requested solutions dog owners are looking for when they hire a dog trainer. Learning how to stop a dog…

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Dog Territory Marking by Cocking Leg

Why Do Dogs Mark Territory?

At the San Diego Zoo, there’s a sign near the rhinoceros enclosure that reads, “Stay back at least 20 feet and beware when I turn my back to you.” The reason for the warning is that rhinos like to mark…

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How Clever is Your Dog?

Dog Intelligence: What’s Going On Inside Your Dog’s Mind? Intelligence in dogs can be defined as the ability of a dog to learn new behaviours, and to work out how to solve problems. Most dog fanciers agree that there are…

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Alpha Dog Myth

Alpha Dogs: Do They Even Exist?

For many years, dominance theory and the alpha dog concept has been used to explain dog behaviour. This theory basically says that dogs have a very linear pack structure, with the alpha dog, or pack leader, at the top of…

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Coping With A Boisterous Dog

I’ll be honest. As someone who’s spent a lot of time training working dogs there’s not much that makes me heart go giddy more than a really active, one might say, boisterous dog. I love a dog who charges about…

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Canine Learning Theory Part II

K9 Magazine contributor and columnist Mike Deathe is a well respected animal trainer and behaviourist. He recently attended a seminar conducted by Dr. Ian Dunbar and has since redefined his entire approach to dog training. This feature is the second…

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How to Become a Dog Trainer

One of the most popular requests we get here at K9 Magazine is the question: how do I become a dog trainer? True, it’s a dream job for many (to become a dog trainer) and it’s absolutely the case that…

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How to Stop a Puppy Howling

When you bring a new puppy into your home it can be an exciting time for the humans in the household, but for the puppy it can actually be quite a stressful time, writes Natalka Jacyszyn, Dog Psychologist. Just imagine…

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Free Dog Training Tips

This is a guest post with some free online dog training advice for beginners. When training dogs it is important to be consistent in behaviour and commands used, if the response to whatever the animal does is always different, it…

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Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety is a common problem in dogs which has divided expert opinion of the causes behind the behaviour for many years. The situation can become dramatic when the owners leave, resulting in chewed carpets, remote controls, dog beds etc,…

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