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Is My Dog A Hypochondriac?

Ok so it’s probably not that uncommon. We might have played up to an illness ourselves or Googled symptoms and genuinely thought our brain was about to melt, when in reality we’ve just got a headache, whilst others wilfully act…

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8 Ways To Deal With A Pushy Dog

When dogs become comfortable in their environment, there is a chance that they can become demanding or pushy. Whilst not as serious as aggression or nervousness, pushiness is something that disturb the relationship between an owner and their dog. Allowing…

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How Clever Is Your Dog?

It is a bad habit of ours that we judge dogs by our own standards. We assign them human value systems and expect them to conform to them. We also attempt to measure the intelligence of a dog based on…

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Teaching The High Jump

Performing agility exercises with your dog is a great way for you both to keep fit. Most dogs enjoy the mental and physical challenge of agility training, even if this means simply negotiating some rudimentary obstacles. Teaching your dog to…

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Introducing dog and baby

Introducing Your Baby to Your Dog

Anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of observing their dog’s reaction to new people, new objects, new sounds or new dogs will know that they can respond in a variety of different ways. Some can be ecstatic, excited and seemingly…

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Bond between humans and dogs

How To Strengthen The Bond With Your Dog

Man’s best friend is famous, of course, for his devotion, unconditional love and natural predisposition toward human affection. But for many owners, a little more insight on how to strengthen the bond with their canine friend can certainly reap rewards.…

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Why Do Dogs Bite

Why Do Dogs Bite?

Man’s best friend eh? The number of people who would have you believe that there is a generation (or group) of dogs intent on biting people for fun is quite alarming. Why do dogs bite? Well, let’s be clear on…

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Dog Crate Training

Crate Training Your Dog

The easy, simple way to crate training a dog. Training a dog or a young puppy to accept a crate as part of life can be a good idea. As more and more people discover the benefits of having a…

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Stop Dog From Barking Tips

How to Cure Unwanted Dog Barking

According to various studies carried out by dog training professionals, stopping a dog from barking is one of the most commonly requested solutions dog owners are looking for when they hire a dog trainer. Learning how to stop a dog…

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