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How Bored is Your Dog?

Trying to determine if your dog is experiencing anger, love, or any other “human” identifiable emotion (including depression) is difficult. To date, no one has been able to provide convincing scientific evidence that we can distinguish one emotion from another…

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Turning An Aggressive Dog Into A Friend

Canine communication is not as complex as you may think. And it is key to a successful relationship with any dog. Despite centuries of domestication, we’re never going to fully bring the dog around to our way of thinking – this would be impossible, dogs are…

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Confessions Of A Dog Trainer

This month K9 Magazine is launching a new ‘Confessions’ series bringing you the highs, lows and funny moments from pet professionals. This issue Nick Honor, a professional canine trainer at The Behaviour Company and the PuppyStars Puppy Training Academy, took…

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