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Teach Your Dog to Count in 5 Steps

Have you ever wondered if your dog can count? According to a new study conducted by Emory University and published in Biology Letters, dogs use a similar part of their brain to humans to process numbers of objects shown to them so your dog certainly can count.
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How Smart Is Your Dog?

A new study has discovered that a dog’s size may hold the key to understanding more about how dogs learn. Scientists at the University of Arizona have discovered that dogs with larger brains outperform smaller dogs in some cases, but…

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety is one of the biggest problems dogs face. Most people lead a lifestyle which involves leaving the dog alone for varying amounts of time. But that goes against everything a dog stands for – the pack, strength in…

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Introducing Your New Dog To The Family

Introducing animals to one another, and particularly introducing an animal to a household which is already home to other animals can be a fraught and worrying time for owners, however there are techniques you can use to make integration more…

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Why Do Dogs Shake?

An unusual encounter with a middle aged Terrier back in the Summer of 1998 gave me an interesting insight into the dog body language of shaking / or shivering dogs. I set my gaze on this small, but friendly dog…

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