Dog Nutrition

Dog nutrition affects everything about how your dog feels. Their health, weight & even behaviour. Proper dog food & nutrition for your dog’s age, breed & lifestyle will give you the gift of extending their life.

How Can I Help My Dog Lose Weight?

Every year, we see news stories filled with statistics that reveal that obesity is on the rise. In fact, in many western countries over a third of dogs are overweight. Last year vet and genetics researcher Dr Eleanor Raffan embarked…

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9 Out Of 10 Dogs Love Butcher’s!

It’s official! Britain’s dogs love Butcher’s. 100 dogs from across the nation participated in the Butcher’s 10-Day Taste Challenge in October where owners swapped their pet’s normal meals for a variety of recipes from Butcher’s and shared how they got…

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barf for dogs

Dr Atkins & Your Dog

The process of evolution tells us that dogs developed as carnivores. Wolves are still carnivores and relatively, dogs were still wolves until very recently. So in theory shouldn’t our dogs still be strict carnivores craving protein and fibre and dreaming…

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