Dog Nutrition

Dog nutrition affects everything about how your dog feels. Their health, weight & even behaviour. Proper dog food & nutrition for your dog’s age, breed & lifestyle will give you the gift of extending their life.

What Is Crude Protein In Dog Food?

To understand what crude protein in dog food is, look at the nutrition label on your dog food. The first section of the dog food label is the ingredients list and the second section is the nutritional information section. Protein…

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How to Transition Your Dog to a Raw Diet

The short answer to how to transition your dog to a raw diet is this - do it over 7-10 days and add raw in gradually. But how much should you feed? What should you do if your dog is still hungry? Should the process change if your dog has a chronic condition or is older? The long answer to the question is much more in-depth than simply '7-10 days', so let's explore.
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