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Can Dogs Get Flu?

My dog often causes me to sit up and think. It’s one of the great joys of owning any animal, they can’t talk to you and they can occasionally raise more questions than answers, certainly in the case of dogs.…

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Canine Hydrotherapy

Trendy health fads seem to come and go on an almost weekly basis. We always seem to be hearing about the latest, greatest health, fitness or diet regimes that ‘the stars all swear by. The trouble with health fads is…

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Which Dog Breeds Shed The Least?

The myth of the hypoallergenic dog OK, so he decided not to adopt a rescue dog. Even the dog’s breeder has conceded it’s not a rescue dog, despite some poorly executed spin which amounts to nothing more than a contrived…

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The Problem With Fleas In Summer

Fleas are a problem throughout the year: micro-climates in homes, gardens and parks allow their survival during the coldest winters; however fleas are a bigger problem in summer as warmth and humidity speed up the life cycle. An abundance of…

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prosthetic limbs for dogs

Prosthetic Limbs for Dogs: A New Reality

Veterinary science is moving at quite a startling rate. Dogs are living longer and surviving once fatal diseases. The industries and researchers that support the veterinary community are playing their part in helping dogs live a healthier longer life too,…

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How to give tablets to a dog

How to Give Tablets to a Dog

K9 Magazine Quick Tips: How To Give Tablets To Your Dog Cats. They’re tough. I worked in a kennels and cattery for many years and whenever I’d see the dreaded words written large on the in-take board in the reception…

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