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Liver Disease & Your Dog

Your dog's liver performs many important functions. In one sense, it acts like a filter for the blood, to strain out harmful particles and bacteria. A major portion of the blood is carried through the liver. When it becomes swollen…
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Deaf Dogs: Advice for New Owners

Protective, lovable and loyal, these are just some of the characteristics of the Boxer dog. Like most dogs however the Boxer can be born with a health condition that can sometimes go unnoticed if it isn’t being looked for. Zerin Mewa…
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Can Dogs Get Depressed

Can Dogs Get Depressed?

In this article we tackle a question posed by K9 Magazine reader Helen Anderson who asks 'can dogs get depressed like humans?' An interesting one, this. Because there are two crucial elements to the question. Can dogs get depressed? And,…
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dog vomitting can be sign of illness

Why is my Dog Vomiting

The dog vomits with ease, seemingly at will, and often without apparent cause. One thing that almost never causes a dog to vomit is eating too fast. Bolting food is the natural way for a dog. Eating too much, however,…
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