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8 Ways To Get The Best From Your Vet

It has been revealed that vet practices are some of the most profitable types of small business in the UK. Even more profitable it would appear than financial advisers. The success is partly down to advances in veterinary medicine and…
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Bulldog losing energy

Why Is My Dog Losing Energy?

Dear K9 Magazine, I own a six year old Bull Dog bitch. Recently her energy levels seemed to have dropped and she seems to have trouble mounting the stairs and getting on to the sofa. She is out of breath…
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Can Dogs Get Flu?

My dog often causes me to sit up and think. It’s one of the great joys of owning any animal, they can’t talk to you and they can occasionally raise more questions than answers, certainly in the case of dogs.…
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Canine Hydrotherapy

Trendy health fads seem to come and go on an almost weekly basis. We always seem to be hearing about the latest, greatest health, fitness or diet regimes that ‘the stars all swear by. The trouble with health fads is…
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