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Top 10 Breeds For Active Dog Owners

Top 10 Breeds For Active Dog Owners

There are hundreds of established dog breeds throughout the world and new cross-breeds evolving all the time. With so many types to choose from, making a decision about which dog is perfect for you can be quite difficult. While most dogs are easily adaptable, some owners prefer a dog that is more suited for their particular lifestyle.

In order to find the right dog, you must keep in mind what type of person you are. Some people prefer a low maintenance pet but others are more than willing to put time and effort into having a dog as a companion evolving their lifestyle as a new dog owner.

Emily Tronetti delves in finding ten of the best breeds for owners looking for dogs to match their active lifestyle.

Some would-be dog owners are looking for a dog to cuddle with on the couch while others are looking for a running partner. For this more active type, there are a number of breeds that would love to accompany their owner on a run. Although most dogs benefit from an active lifestyle, there are some specific breeds that are perfect for this way of life.

So, what do you do once you’ve narrowed your list down to breeds that fit in with your activity level? There are other factors to keep in mind before you make your decision. For those people that love exciting games of fetch and a daily stroll in the park, here are some possible matches for you to consider.

Top 10 Breeds For Active Dog Owners

The German Short-Haired Pointer

The German Short-Haired Pointer was bred to be an “all-purpose dog”, and is to this day extremely versatile. Originally the “GSP” (as some breeders abbreviate) was developed to point, retrieve, trail, hunt all sizes and types of game, and to also be a family companion.

The breed is considered a medium sized dog, with a build that is neither stocky nor lean. The markings and colour of the dog are quite unique, with some having small white markings the are often referred to as “ticking”, but there are also solid liver and black versions of the German Short Haired Pointer. Grooming is minimal, but some work may be required weekly to reduce shedding.

Adopt A German Short-Haired Pointer

With this dog being bred for purpose, they tend to have a high level of energy that needs to be channeled. As long as this breed receives a significant level of outdoor exercise, it will do great in the house. The German Short Haired Pointer is ideal for active families. GSPs are “eager to please and willing to learn”.

The Standard Poodle

An elegant dog that is often thought of as naturally kind, the Standard Poodle is a great dog for a family home. This breed has been known throughout Western Europe for over 400 hundred years, and although France is said to be the founding place for the breed, the exact origin has brought on some controversy, with many experts citing Germany as the more likely nation of origin.

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  1. yvonne baker

    February 4, 2013 at 10:41 am

    I have an 11 year old gsp who is still really active, he runs for an hour and a half in the morning and an hour in the afternoon, then when we get home all the toys come out! I knew how active a gsp was when I bought him, they are superb with children but you do have to watch that they don’t knock the kids over!

  2. Gillyboal

    February 6, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    My brother has a GSP he is now 15 years young, he is now starting to fail but what an age he has seen out 2 of my GSD’s who both died before reaching 10 years. He is a lovely dog who in his day had bounds of energy!

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