5 Reasons to Love Spring If You’re a Dog

With Spring comes longer nights and brighter mornings and scientists even say the warmer weather is pretty much guaranteed to make us noticeably cheerier!

To celebrate the season and National Pet Month being upon us, we've teamed up with IAMS to bring you 5 reasons to love Spring if you're a dog.

Spring means you can banish those winter blues

Research out this year claimed dogs can suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Lighter mornings and longer days mean you can spend more time roaming the great outdoors – the perfect excuse to kick start your health regime which might have suffered during the winter months.

5 Reasons to Love Spring If You're a Dog

Spring means more reasons to socialise with friends

With more time to spend outside, why not meet up with friends! K9 Magazine recently carried out research which claimed that more than 60% of dog owners say their dogs have widened their social circle.

5 Reasons to Love Spring If You're a Dog

Spring means more crops of fresh produce

With more fresh fruit and vegetables available, you can add more healthy treats to your dog’s diet, such as kale and broccoli - why not steam or blanch the vegetables to help retain as many nutrients as possible before freezing them for a tasty treat on a warm day. You can also use this as a great excuse to make sure your dog's overall diet is giving them all of the nutrition and vitamins needed to be as healthy on the inside as they are on the outside.

5 Reasons to Love Spring If You're a Dog

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Spring means winter skin is banished

We all know the harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on our own skin and it is really no different for our pets because colder weather can mean our dogs suffer from dry skin during the winter months too. To give your dog a helping hand make sure his diet is packed full of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – both play an important role in maintaining healthy skin.

5 Reasons to Love Spring If You're a Dog

Spring means more Vitamin D

With warmer weather, you can soak up more natural goodness from the sun just simply by being outdoors for longer - vitamin D helps to build immunity and strengthen bones.

5 Reasons to Love Spring If You're a Dog

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5 Reasons to Love Spring If You're a Dog

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