4 Products for Dogs Who Love the Outdoors

Does your dog love being outdoors? Mine do. Christopher is happy being outside in all weathers but Mia and Danny are fair weather fans. They love it when it's sunny but have to be literally nudged out of the door when it's raining.

In the latest instalment of our 'Best Dog Products' series, we've found and put to the test four dog products for dogs who love being outdoors.

4 Products for Dogs Who Love the Outdoors

Here's how they went down with our dogs and what we think you need to know about them.

MuttMOP® Dog Drying Collection

A brilliant new collection from George Barclay.

4 Products for Dogs Who Love the Outdoors

George Barclay says: “The MuttMOP® collection of dog drying products includes something for every dog owner for the Spring months and beyond, including dog towels, a grooming/drying mitt, a dry mat and dog drying robes, and are available in three stunning colours – grey, olive and plum.

“Designed to be convenient for owners and comfortable for dogs, they use a special drying technology to remove dirt effortlessly, locking it within the material’s microfibres so they can absorb more water and dry faster than conventional products.”

Priced from £3.99-5.99 (towels) – £5.99 (deluxe grooming mitt) – £12.99 (deluxe towels) – £11.99 – £25.99 (dog drying robes)

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Pet Munchies Training Treats

An ideal pocket-sized treat to take with you on adventures.

4 Products for Dogs Who Love the Outdoors

Pet Munchies says: “Pet Munchies Training Treats are made with 100% natural quality, human grade real meat and packed full of natural goodness for your dog without artificial additives.

“These small bite treats come in 50g and 150g packs and are available in five delicious flavours (four of which are gluten and wheat free): Duck, Venison, Chicken, Liver & Chicken and Sushi (contains small amounts of flour). Naturally low in fat and carbohydrates, high in protein and very nutritious – Pet Munchies treats are ‘sealed with a Dogs approval’.”

4 Products for Dogs Who Love the OutdoorsBryan the Miniature Dachshund enjoying the treats during his K9 Magazine shoot

Priced from £1.59

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Cooper & Gracie Deodorising Dry Shampoo 

A fantastic dry shampoo from a brand passionate about cruelty-free pet care.

4 Products for Dogs Who Love the Outdoors

Cooper & Gracie says: “An expertly blended organic cruelty-free dry shampoo. Ideal for dogs that need a quick towel dry and touch up before entering the house or car or for dogs fearful of water.

“Quickly neutralises bad odours such as fox poo, cleans the coat and is kind to sensitive dog skin.”

Price £12.99

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HALTI No-Pull Harness & Double Ended Lead

Recommended for dogs who pull – but does the harness work?

4 Products for Dogs Who Love the Outdoors

Kim says: “It’s very rare a product leaves me short of words, but the HALTI No-Pull Harness and its matching HALTI lead fall into that category. Not because they’re necessarily bad, but not because they’re necessarily good. More, I can’t actually work them out.

“Let me share why I wanted to review the no-pull harness in the first place and then I’ll explain.”

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