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Canine Coprophagia (Why Dogs Eat Poop)

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? “Why on earth do dogs sometimes engage in the disgusting practice of gobbling up their own, or other dog's mess and how do I cure it?”

Dog owners all over the world are, sadly, all too familiar with this nasty canine trait that appears to manifest in some dogs at various times.

Poop eating in dogs is unpleasant and not at all healthy.

In this special report we've solicited the opinions of three dog specialists who have their own take on why dogs eat poop.

They outline their theories and best practices for curing the nasty habit.

As with all canine behavior modification and anything related to the health of your pet, you should always seek the professional opinion of pet care professionals before acting on specific treatment plans for your dog.

Our guide is designed to help you understand some of the causes, motives and various correction methods deployed by others.

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