8 Ways To Deal With A Pushy Dog

By on November 5, 2012

When dogs become comfortable in their environment, there is a chance that they can become demanding or pushy. Whilst not as serious as aggression or nervousness, pushiness is something that disturb the relationship between an owner and their dog. Allowing a dog to get away with pushiness may lead to dominance issues which could lead on to problems with behaviour, training and socialising.

Read on to discover K9 Magazine’s 8 ways to reverse the role of a demanding dog.

Dominance aggression is a very common form of aggression because of its inherent nature. In order for the human owner to achieve and maintain dominance, he must understand the dog's urges and know how to diffuse them in a positive manner. It is important to note that dominant dogs generally escalate their aggression when physical corrections are administered via leash and collar. Overwhelming physical force has backed many of these dogs down yet often proved to be only a temporary solution.

Management generally consists of learning how not to trigger aggressive responses. If you call your dog and he will not come, leave him alone. If you want to pet him and you call him over with success, you may pet him; otherwise, do not go to him. Praise him only when he responds to your command to come. Do not go to him and stroke him when he will not come to you. Furthermore, remember not to pet him when he comes over, nudging you with his nose, pushing at your arm for some strokes. It is important that you don't acknowledge demanding behaviour in order not to encourage these demanding tendencies.

The common areas to recognize and control the hierarchical structure include:

1. Who sleeps in the best spot. The best spot is that area that is considered either most comfortable or closest to the dominant figure in the pack.

He can also wait for you to go first through doorways and down flight of stairs. “Wait” must always be followed by the release word “Ok” to let your dog know it is ok for him to continue with the activity at hand.

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  1. Uschi

    December 1, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Article about dominance issues in dealing with a pushy dog is out of date and nonsense. The hierachical structure (who sleeps in the best spot, who goes through the door first etc) is old fashioned rubbish. Read Dominance, fact or fiction by Barry Eaton. Really, your magazine should not be promoting such absolute rubbish.

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