Top Most Important Puppy Training Tips

By on June 1, 2010

Puppies present a unique challenge. They're a lot of fun, attention grabbing and demanding. Getting the balance right between giving them time and attention without over burdening their ever evolving minds is one of the keys to success in rearing a perfect pup. Here are K9 Magazine's 10 most important puppy training tips...

10) When trying to settle a puppy into a new home, providing them
with a warm hot water bottle and placing a ticking clock in the
room where they sleep will help to replicate the body heat and
heartbeat of their litter mates and can really help them to relax
in their new environment.

9) When taking your puppy to the Vet for its first inoculations,
health checks etc, it is good practice to sit with your puppy on
your lap and not have him or her on the floor. Apart from being
able to comfort and re-assure the puppy easier in this position
you must also consider the fact that there may be a number of
sick animals in the surgery and your puppy is vulnerable if they
come into direct contact with infectious animals that may also be
in attendance at the same time as your pup. Make a very
deliberate effort to ensure your puppy’s trips to the vets are as
fun as you can make them. Don’t allow your puppy to think you are
nervous or concerned, instead make a game and even take a toy to
amuse the puppy with whilst they sit on your lap.

8) Always ensure from the earliest possible moment that your
puppy is given his or her own, private sleeping place that is not
used by anyone else in the family or another pet. Your puppy will
benefit from short periods left alone in his or her ‘den’ with
you always returning to reward the pup when he or she is relaxed
and quiet.

7) Try to make sure your puppy is entertained adequately for
short but regular intervals during the day. Long periods of being
left unstimulated may lead to destructive or disruptive behavior
later in life. Little games playing ‘fetch’ with the pup’s
favorite toy will have the beneficial affect of stimulating the
pup, increasing his or her bond with you and allowing the pup to
expend short, sharp bursts of energy.

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