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This Dog Owner Built His Dog Her Own Room in the House

Bringing a new baby into the home can take some adjusting to for everyone. With new routines forming, it can be easy to see how a dog could feel neglected and like life has turned upside down.

When Michael McGowan learnt he would soon be a dad, he decided to take action to make sure his Westie, Molly didn’t feel neglected once the baby arrived.

Photo Credit: Michael McGowan

The Glasgow based dog owner says, "I had a small idea, and wasn't even sure if it would be possible to achieve. I wanted to use what I thought was 'dead space' under the stairs to build a small space for our dog."

Here's how it turned out.

Photo Credit: Michael McGowan

Photo Credit: Michael McGowan

Photo Credit: Michael McGowan

Photo Credit: Michael McGowan

What does Michael think of Molly's new room?

Complete with ambient lighting and a dog sofa, he says, "Although a relatively small job the end result is outstanding... the best Doghouse in the country, bar none!!"

So pleased is he in fact, that he entered Paul, the builder who helped create Molly's special space into a competition for the MyBuilder ‘Job of the Year 2017’.



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