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These Photos of Dogs Greeting Their Friends (& Other Objects) Will Make Your Day!

These photos of dogs meeting other dogs will make your day, what's not to love? Sadly some dogs didn't get the memo about what they were meant to be doing, but we're sure you'll love them all the same - we sure do!

Meet the dog who's always putting his best foot forward, keen to make a good impression.

Photo Credit: Dan Gordon

Meet the Dogs Making Friends Wherever They Go!

Photo Credit: Henrik Berger Jørgensen

'And you say I made this?', Says a Mother Enquiringly.

Photo Credit: Kate Brady

It Was Love at First Sniff for These Dogs!

Photo Credit: Numb Photo

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Have you heard about...?

'Wat-er You Then?', Meet the Puppy Still Learning About the World (& Everything in It).

Photo Credit: E M

'I Didn't Know They Came in Small', says Big Dog to Little Dog

Photo Credit: Uwe Krella

'This is a Big Version of That Place Where Rubbish Goes Inside That I Can't Wait to Raid!'

Photo Credit: Tony Alter

'Didn't They Have Him in My Colour?'

Photo Credit: Kristen Van Gundy

'You Cone Stand Here, It's a Road!', Said the Dog Who's All About Road Safety.

Photo Credit: @rsseattle

Want to see more funny dog photos, videos and more? We'll be back in the New Year with lots more! In the meantime, please share your own funny photos with us at - we'd love to hear from you.



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