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These Dog Treats Have Become THE Thing This Celebrity Dog Owner’s Dog Can’t Live Without

K9 Magazine's office dogs are lucky, we know it and they know it, but sometimes we want to get a new perspective for you on what's new, good and worth investing in for your dog and so when news reached us of some new healthy and 100% natural dog treats were launching, we turned to friend of K9 Magazine and celebrity dog owner, Layla Flaherty for a new perspective.

We first met Layla back in 2014 when she took the cover of K9 Magazine alongside her Yorkshire Terrier, Buttons. Since then she has launched her own dog modelling and animal talent agency, Urban Paws, for dogs and more recently, cats. Her agency has become a huge success and so the pet world and a mutual love of all things pet related has kept us connected.

Here's Layla.

I always wondered why my dog Buttons, a stubborn and headstrong Yorkshire Terrier, was so unmotived by dog treats.  Although in some cases you can train your dog purely by knowing what motivates them (in Buttons' case this has always been toys) sometimes you need something more when it comes to training basic obedience skills. I don't think I'm alone in this discovery and I'm sure other dog owners will agree.

Working within the pet industry I am fortunate to be sent samples of different treats and dog foods that are on the market but when your dog is a fusspot, no matter how expensive or well marketed a product may be, if your fur baby doesn’t like something there is no convincing them.

I was introduced to Pet Munchies by K9 Magazine some time ago and I have to say these little treats have changed my life when it comes to obedience training, so when we were offered the chance to try out their new Duck Twists and Duck Training Treats I said 'yes please'.

These premium natural treats have transformed Buttons into an obedient and very willing to learn 'anything' type of dog. If he knows a Pet Munchies treat is his reward I can literally get him to do anything.

I have always been quite relaxed with regards to training and so when it came to trying to train Buttons later in life, I struggled as he just didn’t have any motivation or interest. He refused to sit, stay, lie down or even listen to basic commands, such as go to bed. But as soon as I introduced these delicious treats he literally transformed into a different dog.

I only have to say the command once and he does it instantly (most of the time anyway). He is learning new skills daily and currently learning to give his paw and roll over, and the progress we've made is all down to Pet Munchies dog treats.

I am quite conscious of what I feed Buttons and tend to avoid cheap commercial pet foods but with Pet Munchies I know I can give my dog a guilt free treat as their meat is of human consumption standard and comes from export approved meat plants.

They have no chemical additives or colours, just pure meat with all of the natural nutritional value retained. I feel confident giving my fusspot a healthy snack that's low in fat knowing we can learn new skills too.

I highly recommend Pet Munchies to any pet owner and think they are a perfect supplement to the daily diet of any dog, regardless of age or breed - your dog will love you for it!

Find out more about the full range here: or you can buy online here.



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