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TGIF – Let These Dogs Take You Into the Weekend with a Smile on Your Face

Happy Friday! Whether your day is just beginning or afternoon is in full flow, we'd like to help you navigate the day a little easier. So, as you look ahead to the weekend we've found 5 dogs who know just how you feel.

From Thursday night, you start to prepare for Friday's battle. We all recognise this face. This time, it's serious.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Then, get ready to dive straight in. Sometimes it's the only way.

Because you never know, today might just bring THE best news.

Photo Credit: Imgur

Think about what you can treat yourself to with your hard earned wage.

And if all else fails and you find yourself clock watching, just think of Tom Hardy and his dog. A guaranteed winner to get you through the day.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Have a good one.



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