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So, #dogsatpollingstations Is a Thing Now, Here’s Some of the Dogs Making Voting Day Even Better

Over the last couple of years, dog owners have brightened our days helping to ease the nerves of election days. Although dogs are allowed inside polling stations (guidelines state as long as they won't disrupt the vote and are on a lead they are welcome), photographs are only allowed to be taken outside.

So while we wait for the country's latest decision to be announced, here are some of the dogs helping to spread a little sunshine at polling stations across the UK.

Rule no.1: Get there bright and early. Be excited to have your say.

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Or not, but as long as you arrive that's what counts.

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Rule no.2: Remember the rules of fashion: whatever you do, do it in style.

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This dog got the memo too.

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Rule no.3: Take treats, everyone needs a reward.

Their famous green fingered owner know any trip to the polling booth must be rewarded with a treat. A tennis ball ideally.

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Or maybe you can be the reward for voters. This dog is offering free hugs to under 25s, although I'm sure he won't discriminate.

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